10 important questions if you’re trying to conceive

There are several aspects concerning a healthy and wholesome pregnancy. One should start researching about ways that are helpful in delivering a happy baby. It is important to clear all your doubts relating to pregnancy with your gynecologist or doctor. A huge life changing decision like introducing a new family member to the family requires a lot of personal care.

You should schedule an appoint with Top Gynaecologist in India in case:

  • You and your partner are thinking about and discussing the possibility of getting pregnant
  • You are thirty-five years old or younger and have consistently been trying to get pregnant for a year or so
  • You are older than thirty-five and have been trying to conceive for six months

It is important to sit down with the practitioner because it will lessen your uneasiness and will help in addressing any of your fertility related queries with confidence.

Here are some questions that will help you in your preconception appointment:


Age is a crucial factor in pregnancy. With age, the fertility gradually decreases especially after the age of thirty-five. You should clear out the facts with your gynecologist.

Birth control:

If you are on medication, then it is advisable to consult your gynecologist and know for a fact if you should be off all medication months before conception.


Months before you are planning on getting pregnant it is important for you to keep your body and eating habits healthy. Consult your nutritionist in this case.

Exercise schedules:

Ask your gynecologist what your right weight should be for pregnancy. You can ask them for appropriate exercises.


You will be needed to keep a healthy mind along with a healthy body. Talk to your doctor about any sort of a lifestyle behavior that needs changing.


Understanding your ovulation period is important. Talk to your doctor about ‘ovulation calendar’ in order to track your best time for the chances of conception.


There have been myths about certain positions that help in quick conception. Ask your gynecologist about how frequency and the positions affect pregnancy conception.

Your partner:

Your better half’s medical history will be required since it plays an important part in the journey of parenthood. Your doctor will be concerned about your and your partner’s mental and physical health.

Weight issues:

Clear out with your ob-gyn during your prenatal appointments about the ‘pregnancy weight gain’ since it is important for you as well as your baby’s health.

Bladder control:

It is a well-known fact that the bladder control decreases substantially during conception, so discuss it with your healthcare provider in order to accommodate yourself comfortable in the situation.


It is an essential part of pregnancy to clear out all your doubts and differentiate between facts and myths. Keep your fears and uncomfortable questions mentally noted for your doctor and help yourself have a safe and healthy pregnancy.

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