3 Reasons To Make The Fit And Flare Dress Your Ally

Some people think that the fit and flare dress design is only meant for the younger ladies. It would be unfair to elderly women if they have to jealously watch a sweet outfit as this one only worn by young ladies. Even the Ieena for Mac Duggal fit and flare offers designs for any age.

The Universal Flattery Silhouette

Fit and flare gowns feature fitted bodices and full skirts which flare out. The hem length is normally above the knees. The overall design offers an illusionary small waistline and flatters the legs. For women with longer legs, they need hemlines below the knees and there are tons of spectacular midi-length designs to choose from Ieena Duggal dresses. If you want to have an extra waist definition, a belt will be a plus accessory for you. The right belt depends on the color of the dress as well as your body shape, so you will need to do a lot on trials and errors. The good thing is that a belt is affordable and you can pick one from myriad designs. As far as shoes go, almost anything matches the fit and flare outfit. Choose chic sandals for a day event or shopping; killer stilettos for a night out, and peep toe wedges for a job.

Fit And Flare Dress - Couture Candy
Fit And Flare Dress – Couture Candy

Flaunts The Pear Shape

The pear body has the hips as the widest section. To balance this figure, you need to highlight the upper torso. Nothing works best f this shape than a fit and flare dress. An off-shoulder fit and flare design is a perfect style for the trendy girl as it accentuates the waist and arms.

A Dress For Any Age

The fit and flare Ieena dresses are for any woman of any age. The youngest designs are those with hemlines too far above the knees, skimpy tops, and with a high waist. These younger versions are most ideal for cheerleaders and college kids. As long as you find the perfect combination of length, color, patter, and fabric, you can wear this dress and nobody will question you. The classic designs transcend ages and n woman can resist. Less flare and more length are the most appropriate for a semi-formal occasion like a homecoming party. Another distinguishing feature of the fit and flare is the waistline. If it hits too high, it is best for younger ladies while low waist fit and flare suits

The Ieena for Mac Duggal style presents fit and flare dresses for anyone provided they fit into the body type and make a woman feel special. Try them to camouflage the indulgence that comes after Christmas.

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