5 Creative Ideas to Promote Your Content Using Social Media


Imagine you are at the bottom of the hill and people you want to reach are at the top of the hill. Can you call them by just screaming without using any Mike while they are in the crowd? No, nowhere possible for anyone to do it.

Social media marketing behaves in the same way. Until unless you use creative ways, you can’t reach the targeted audience and get the desired results.

Let me tell you 5 workable social media marketing tips.

5 Creative Ways to Promote Your Content Using Social Media


Users believe you when they feel good about you. Nobody goes in the hurry to purchase your product (or service) unless they feel reliable about you or about your product.

For example, you’re a mobile app development company and want to turn users into leads.

If you just post an ad titled “Quality Mobile App Development Service. Reach Us Now for Quote”, it will look like a random post. In fact, it won’t interest or encourage users to click on it.

If you educate users with some insightful contents that focus on challenges in mobile app development or benefits of mobile app development, users show interest to read them and consequently, they may trust you and prefer your service.

But you can’t write 400-500 words content in a single Facebook post. Even it won’t make sense. And even users don’t have the patience to read those 500 words on Facebook or LinkedIn as a variety of colorful things around the post distract them.

So, create content as a blog post, case study, or industry research article, post it on your website and share its link on social media. It really makes sense.

  1. Attract with compelling image

The design speaks more than content. Design creates value for content. If your design is not able to catch users’ eyes, how good your words may be, it doesn’t matter, your post will go in vain.

There is no requisite that your content should be exactly related to your topic. Your primary goal is to grab users’ attention. So it doesn’t matter if you created an image that went out of your topic but capable enough to grab attention.


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  1. Headlines Matter

Social media is like “Spider-Man” movie, where audience no need to strive to understand the movie, instead the movie itself dazzles audience with its compelling screenplay.

Social media users less likely search for content unlike on Google. They keep scrolling and when they find an interesting content and they stay there and consume it.

So if your headline is unable to catch their eyes along with the design and make them understand what the post is about, they just move away from there. So, your headline should be equally attention-grabbing and meaningful.

  1. Customize for the platform

Each social media network offers its unique benefits in the form of the feature. So make sure you’ll leverage it.

When sharing content, utilize the customizable posting features on each social media platform. It can be the headline, image, and a description of the content.

For example, if you’re sharing a post on Facebook, you have an opportunity to post it as an original post, where you can use an attention-grabbing headline, meaningful image, and compelling description. Doing so will create more impact than sharing the post.

  1. Use specific hashtags

We all know how viral social media is. And hashtags make it more viral. And it sometimes works as a highly useful feature for users. Hashtags make your content more discoverable. Include only relevant or associated hashtags. Make sure the total length of the hashtags doesn’t exceed the total length of the post’s content, as it may look weird.

For example, if you’re doing marketing for mobile application development companies, make sure you’ll include only key hashtags relevant to its services, like #mobileappdevelopment, #mobileappdevelopmentservice, #appdevelopmentcompany, and hashtags related to the post.


Random and rapid social media marketing no longer works for marketers. So have a long-term strategy, understand your targeted audience and implement above tips perfectly to bring out the expected result.

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