5 Ways to Attract and Retain More Customers on your Webstore

Customer Shopping Experience

With increasing population of online shoppers, the competitions between different eCommerce websites and businesses is also gradually increasing. With this tough competition, you need to own a website which can attract as well retain large percentage of customers. But mind you this is not an easy job.

So, to have such a website which can attract more and more traffic and increase the conversions, you should continuously work upon your website to enhance it make it up-to-date.

But how to know, which part of your website needs the improvement and which doesn’t. It is quite simple process, you monitor your website on daily basis. The monitoring of your website will give you two things: good things and drawbacks. Now, you have to maintain the good things and eliminate the drawbacks.

Monitoring also lets you know about the shopping behaviour of your visitors or customers. So, as a shop owner, you have the responsibility of making them comfortable on your website and make them satisfied as well happy with your services and products.

In the current blog, we will share the tips for giving a better and improved shopping experience to your customers. So, let’s Begin!

Know Your Customers

The first thing with which you have to proceed is about knowing who your customers are. What are their shopping or search behaviour? For what reason they are visiting your website?

Once you get the answers of the above questions, you have to do a thorough research and analysis of your website. The research will tell you about the positive things and flaws about your website. You need to find out the following points:

  1. Does your customers get what they search for on your website?
  2. Is your website design and navigation is easy for them?
  3. Is your website design is compatible with your target customers?
  4. Is there anything which can distract your customers and make them leave your website?
  5. Which pages or sections of your website has the maximum visitors?
  6. Which pages or sections need the improvements?

When you do a thorough research and analysis for your website, you will get the answers for the above questions.But, you can also run a survey or take feedbacks from your customers, to know about the specific answers and personal views. And this will help you improve your online store.

Create User-Friendly Websites

As the number of eCommerce stores or websites are coming day by day, it makes important that the websites are user friendly. If the customers are not comfortable using your website, they will jump onto someone else’s website. However, you have mainly concentrate on some of the parts of the websites, to make it customer friendly:

  1. Keep your menu navigation simple and easy to understand.
  2. Have a sitemap on your website.
  3. The Call to Action buttons such as Add to Cart, Buy Now, etc. should be clear and visible to customers. And it should take the customers on the Shopping cart and Buy Now page and not on other webpages.
  4. Keep multiple product images taken from different angles. Try to take the clear and large images.
  5. Make the descriptions to the point and simple to understand.

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Simplify the Add to Cart and Checkout Processes

The end step on any online store is adding the items in the shopping cart and making the purchase. This is the thing for which, customers visit any online store. So, the checkout process and adding the items into their carts should be made very easy to follow with clearly visible Add to Cart and Buy Now buttons.

The conversion or sales rate can increase if you have a better shopping cart options, simple sign process, easy payments and hassle free checkout process on your website. So, try to keep these processes as simple, easy and fast as possible.

Advance the Search Results

No doubt that you have an easy navigation menu on your website. But what if customers know what they want or looking for, on your website? They should have an option to search for the products or services they want from your store. And for this you have an advanced search and search results features on your online store.

Let us see what things can make search results a better feature:

  1. The location of the search box or search bar places very crucial role. You should place the box at a place which is easily visible. The search box or bar should be placed at every webpage.
  2. The next thing is the keywords or phrases used by the customers to search for the products they want to buy. You should have complete list of keywords and phrases added into the system which will make the search easy. You should also take the spelling errors into account for the displaying the search results.
  3. The most important in this section is the results which are displayed on the search pages. The results should be relevant with the keywords or phrases customers have used to search the products. Don’t try to show products which are not relevant with the search.

The Takeaway

With this we come to the end of the tips for creating a great shopping and user experience for your customers. I hope you will take the above points into the account and take the most of the advantage. Please note that there are not much difference between the online and offline shopping. The key for a successful eCommerce or retail commerce business is that how you make your customers comfortable and please them.



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