Cancer Treatment of my Uncle

Its been one year now, my uncle is living a healthy life after his cancer treatment. But this wasn’t easy for him and even for us. He was a healthy person before this too and had a healthy lifestyle. We were seriously in a great shock when doctors diagnosed thoracic cancer to him. He used to complain about cough, but even he himself didn’t considered it a much issue as in old age we have less immune toward any disease. Also we used to think the weather change , as the cause for it. But later it became persistent. Also some more Lil problems came up like shortness of breath, bone pain, fatigue and loss of appetite and weight. He literally became weak gradually and this was clearly visible. Now all these couldn’t be ignored. These were not only little Heath issues due to ageing but seemed to be some kind of symptoms for any major problem.
So we decided to get this checked. We took him to doctor, so that we can have a clarity behind these issues and get them sorted. Doctor said, after some checkups that we should consult to a specialized doctor for the same. He referred us to a specialized doctor. And, Doctor after requisite checkup,gave us a big shocking news. They said, my uncle was suffering from Thoracic cancer. This was a big conclusion. We decided to reconfirm about this diagnosis. We went for different doctors, so that we may get a negative report. But every time, doctors diagnosed cancer only. Though we all family members were panic stricken, still we were ready to do whatever comes in his treatment. We consulted doctor only and asked how it could be treated . They explained all the possible treatment of best oncologist in delhi. Which included chemotherapy, surgery, radiation and targeted therapy. Above all, the doctor suggested to consult a oncologist for the same. He/She would be able to guide you and treat the patient better. We knew it was not a minor disease which could be treated by any physician, but this is one of the most dreadful disease of the era. We started searching for the top oncologists in India. After some exploration on Internet we collected some names, but the name which had a great work toward Cancer and its treatment , was Dr. Durgatosh Pandey. He was the best oncologists in Delhi. We took uncle to Artemis Hospital Gurgaon. Since Dr. Durgatosh Pandey is a well known and recognized OncoSurgeon of India and the best oncologists in Delhi.we had some hope for my uncle’s treatment.
Dr pandey is one of the top oncologist in India. We took my uncle to him for the full eradication of the cancer. He reported that the tumour is at second stage. This was way more but still it could be removed surgically( Surgical oncology). After proper medication and surgery done by Dr. Pandey, my uncle came to life once again. Once it seemed impossible to treat disease like cancer

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