Certified Used Cars In Dubai For Sale

Firstly a certified pre-owned car unlike vehicles acquired through a private seller or those purchased from independent Used Car Sale In Dubai, are inspected according to the manufacturer’s standards and carry a manufacturer-backed warranty that usually extends the length of the new-car coverage. CPO programs also offer additional benefits, which may include roadside assistance, free maintenance, satellite radio subscription and trip interruption coverage, depending on the program. These benefits are part of your car purchase — you don’t buy them separately. Some CPO vehicles may even have low finance rates, offered as promotions that wouldn’t be available in traditional Used Cars in Dubai for Sale.

Used Cars For Sale Dubai

CPO vehicles have come to be an important contributor to automaker revenue, with the programs showing several years of annual growth—and several more expected. After all, the programs offer dealers a chance to make money again on what they’ve already sold once, a proposition any salesperson would be foolish to turn down.

This trend of carmakers and their local importers trying to get a better handle on the secondhand automotive market continues with Juma Al Majid Motors, the Hyundai dealership, opening its first certified dedicated facility in Dubai. In the near term, the dealership plans to build up an optimum stock level, which would be in the 200 to 300 vehicle range. This operation is seen as a natural supplement to the dealership’s new car business, which last year recorded volumes of 25,000 units and is targeting 35,000 this year. Buyers will be offered incentives such as roadside assistance and a chance to exchange their cars within 15 days of the purchase. There will also be a dedicated area for Hyundai’s premium models — Centennial and Genesis — at the facility.

Benefits of CPO vehicles over regular Used Cars In Dubai For Sale:

  • Assured quality

If a vehicle does not meet specific criteria, which varies depending on the automaker, it cannot become a CPO vehicle. So you know the car you are purchasing is definitely up to standard and of the right quality to have passed all the tests it was put through.

  • Extended Warranty Protection

The biggest benefit of choosing a certified pre-owned car over a standard used car is definitely the warranty coverage. It’s true that some used cars might have some of their factory warranty remaining, and that means you’re already covered by a warranty, even if something breaks. But certified pre-owned programs extend existing warranties, which gives you coverage for a longer term.

  • Roadside Assistance

In some cases, roadside assistance is also included with the purchase of a certified pre-owned car, free 24-hour roadside assistance that lasts for the duration of the extended basic warranty coverage. This adds another layer of peace of mind; those drivers can usually get free towing, rental car reimbursement and other benefits

Purchasing a CPO vehicle almost certainly will be more expensive than buying from a private seller, but there are additional benefits beyond those mentioned above. The fact that most CPO vehicles were lease cars to begin with means low mileage. And even though most are only a few model years old, CPO cars are reconditioned before being offered for sale, so they are pretty much going to give the new-car experience without the massive budget involved.

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