How to Choose Right Fancy Cotton Sarees for Your Body Type

There are different people in love with wearing of sarees. Which is your pick, fashion sarees or traditional sarees? Saree is an Indian outfit loved by many because of the beauty and grace it adds to any woman. I have lived my entire life in India and seen the beauties of these sarees everywhere. It is not something word can express. I have seen people struggle because of their body type; therefore, today I will be educating you on how to choose the right fancy cotton sarees for the different body types. Remember, putting on sarees can hide any flaws and makes you look attractive. If you are ready, come let us unveil the tips and tricks in choosing the perfect saree for your body.

Overweight Women: For those who are overweight, consider saying no too stiff and cotton sarees. Because they may stick to your body giving you a broad look. Stiff cotton sarees will give you a bulky look. Therefore, the perfect type of sarees for those who are overweight is silk and chiffon sarees. This will make them have that thinner shape. For the short and heavy type, printed sarees should be a no go area.

Thin Women: For the non-curvy type of body, your ideal sarees will be fluffy and cotton sarees because they will give you additional volume to your body. Avoid net and chiffon sarees because they will expose your thinness more. If you want to look fuller and beautiful, the easiest is the use of cotton sarees.

Short Women: Do you feel shorter when you wear saree? Does it have big borders? Well, this isn’t right for you. Smaller border sarees is what short women should wear. Besides this, printed sarees will give them a gorgeous look.

Apple Shaped Women: For those with the apple shape body, embroidery sarees is well suited for you because it will flatter you. Embroidery sarees will give you a good look for the apple body shaped women.

Hour Glass Women: Those with the hourglass body shape or what I will call “figure 8”, they have a wider choice of sarees to choose from. Any saree will be perfect for them. The only thing is to choose the right saree for your weight and skin complexion. However, avoid tissue and stiff sarees if you intend to flaunt your curves. Finally, thin designers sarees and net sarees will give you the look of a beauty queen.

Peter Duke in this post looks at the various fancy cotton sarees for people with different type of body. He pinpointed the type of cotton designer sarees that will fit your body.

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