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A datacenter is a place which stores all the equipment that is required for an organization to process data smoothly and earn revenue based on this data. That’s why it is becoming very important to ensure that the data center operates smoothly, with minimum human intervention.

This means that a datacenter should consist of equipment that successfully controls the temperature of the datacenter, manages equipment and power failure efficiently and can be scaled in minimum time required, without loss of revenue. The lattermost point is a very significant feature of the Integrated Datacenter Solution.


Vertiv - Integrated Datacenter Solution.


Data Center Cabinets: Growing industries, expanding data centers and the resulting lack of space has led to rather interesting innovations in the field of data center racks. With multi-tasking being a key requirement for equipment to succeed, data center cabinets are no different story.

Data Center Cabinets - Vertiv

It’s not news when I say that the main objective behind a data center cabinet is to save space and protect the equipment from damage, mainly from excessive heat. But with the need for more information processing, there are more processors doing more work, extracting more power, and thus emanating more heat. Thus, the data center cabinets now need to perform more duties than just saving space and storing more equipment within them.

There is always a scope for innovation. In case of data center cabinets, innovation is extremely crucial to protect the team and equipment from any damage that may occur due to space constraints and excessive heat.





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