Let the trapping begin

Recently with the tide of unpredicted rainfalls, Mumbai has been given no option but to be vigilant. Apart from disrupting the regular schedule, the surge of heavy rainfall carries a bunch of water borne diseases and unwanted flies with itself.

But lately, there have been a lot of complains regarding the mosquitoes that are breeding especially due to monsoon. But monsoons or no monsoons mosquitoes are those pesky pests that bear diseases like Malaria that transmits from the bite of infected mosquito, Dengue which is mosquito borne viral disease, Chikungunya that cause fever and joint pain, Yellow Fever which includes fever, chills, nausea, loss of appetite and other such diseases, etc.

Mosquitoes are those bloodsucking parasites that celebrate their monsoon season by neither sparing nor individuals.  And with them being around in large numbers, it’s time to trade the harmful effects of coils and liquid vaporizers with things that are not harmful.

Coils When burned indoors and used long-term, the smoke of it pollutes the air around them. Children are more susceptible to air pollutant exposure than adults.
Side-effects related to exposure to smoke of mosquito coils can include headaches, coughs, sore throats, nausea and dizziness. Long-term exposure side-effects can include allergies, asthma and persistent wheeze especially in children, as well as respiratory irritation. Because they produce smoke, some research even links them to lung cancer. So, these products should always be used with caution, avoiding inhalation of spray, fumes or smoke.

Vaporizers may contain chemicals that are not safe to be inhaled and can cause or aggravate breathing problems. They may even irritate the eyes or cause allergies. In large doses, the chemicals can cause serious illnesses. So, it is advised to understand their pros and cons before using them.

But, if you want quick and an efficient method of killing mosquitoes, it is anytime better to use a modern mosquito repellent that use the technique of UV light. These mosquitoes’ killer machine is easily available online. Mosquitoes get attracted towards these machines because of the Ultra Violet LED lights that is fit in them. A suction fan that operates with a high speed pulls the mosquitoes that are in the vicinity of the LED lights. They are then trapped in the retaining cage. You can even open the retaining cage to clean the mosquitoes. They are easy to use and operate effortlessly. A pragmatic thing is that they do not contain any harmful chemicals and does the work without a hitch.

Bharti Udasi is a content writer. She tried Supertrap which is a mosquito repellent that she got online from mnrbrands and found it safe to use as compared to other repellents available.

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