Mens Skin Care is a Necessity in Life

A common misconception is that mens skin care isn’t as necessary as womens. This couldn’t be farther from the truth since both genders really have the same contents that make up skin.
Perhaps men don’t care as much about wrinkles as women?
Unfortunately, practicing healthy skin care is not just for cosmetic purposes. Men over 50 are just as susceptible to skin cancer as women. Once a man hits the age of 50, their skin cells change and allows UV light to penetrate the protective barriers. This is especially apparent in men that are bald since that area is often exposed. The fact is once a man hits 65 years of age, they are just as likely to attract this disease as a woman.

Of course, there are prevention methods that can be done if you want to maintain healthy skin. Especially with skin cancer, applying sunscreen daily on exposed areas of the skin such as the face, neck, and head is an easy prevention method to start with. However, because the hair on a man’s face grows faster; additional care may need to be taken with this area. Shaving can irritate the skin, so there are aloe shaving creams and lotions that can help keep it moisturized.

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Truthfully, you can easily use peanut butter as a shaving cream rather than a store bought product. The nutrients that peanut butter possesses are absorbed into the skin providing helpful vitamins and protein. Not to mention the smooth skin afterwards since peanuts have always assisted in softening. Believe it or not; aftershave is not recommended since the alcohol dries up the skin.It is true that it can help diminish acne, but it will not provide the necessary hydration.

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Also, did you know that there are special shaving techniques that can help with less irritation on the face?
Shaving against the growth of the hair causes it to be pulled from the root. This, of course, can easily result in razor burn and ingrown hair. By shaving in the direction of the hair follicle you’ll be able to pull swiftly without causing irritation. Sometimes mens skin care isn’t solely based on lotions and creams, but techniques as well.
Most men are probably reading this and rolling their eyes. But, you’re forgetting that the men who work outside or practice outside activities are exposing themselves more than anyone else.
Mens skin care is almost vital for aging gracefully.

There was a time, many centuries ago, when skin care with oils and homemade extracts was a way of life for men. As time went on and the culture changed, so did the regiment. There have been many decades that did not make this a priority, though times have changed. Nowadays, mens skin care products are having a comeback; not just for cosmetic reasons, but for health ones as well.

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