Merkur Shaving Brush – Choose The Right One

There has been a lot of change in the styles of shaving in the past few centuries, but the shaving brush is always remaining source of a good shaving ritual. Practically with a corner around Valentine’s Day, a good quality Merkur shaving brush is a perfect gift for a person or someone of your life whom you know that shaves.

There is no denying that good foam on the area you want to shave gives better results, instead of just going with water results better results. After spreading soap or cream on your face, use your preferred razor and start shaving using the stroke downward to remove the hair. Various types of shaving brushes available in the market are all types of. Although they come in a variety of handle materials and shapes, they are classified mostly by hair that they are filling.

Synthetic Bristles
Synthetic Bristles come in a faux pig nylon hair stand or an unclean badge synthetic fiber hair stand. These are the options of natural hair and will be able to work in a decent soap.

Hog Bristles/Boar Bristles (pure bristle, white or sketched)
Hog or boar’s drop-down badger is stronger and thicker than hair and therefore is not as flexible as the badge. Since the properties of their water retention are below the hair of the hair, they will not be able to whip such creamed soap. But they also give other advantages, such as good exfoliation properties. Hog Bristles is the least expensive class of natural hair available in a shaving brush.

The best way to apply soap froth is to use a shaving brush to make sure that the cuts and noses are thick enough to stop. Depending on the type of brush you can buy according to your requirement.

As far as the benefits of using a shaving brush, the brush retains the warm water which then blends with the shaving cream and the mixture produces a thick snake that translates to a smooth beard that’s easy on your skin.

Also, since you are using a circular motion to apply face cream to your face, circular motion removes hair from the skin, which makes the beard easier if it lies flat on your face As it is, putting shaving cream on your hands.

In addition, the speed of the brush against the skin slowly clears the face of the dead skin, which helps in providing a clean and near shave.

To use a shaving brush, you first brush down the brush to wet the brush, shake excess water and then dip it in your shaving cream or shaving soap. Then you cover your face in an upper circular direction that raises the hair on the face. If you need more soap, you only run the brush under warm water and then continue brushing your face without drowning in the shaving cream.

The shaving brushes come in different sizes and are made up of different materials, they are basically made of two main parts, hair or bristles and handle. Hair strands spread from the synthetic material such as nylon, horse tail hair (such as violin in the bow), pig-hair (which is the most commonly used), and badger hair from the Badgers (which are of value). Handles can be made from almost any material such as plastic, porcelain, ivory, metal, wood, silver, gold, ceramic, or glass. The market is the most famous and cheapest type of boar-hair and plastic handle combination.

To make a better beard and greasy, wet the brush with a hot water bowl and appropriately wet it. This will allow your brush to absorb water and keep shaving cream well. Then, remove excess water and make sure there is not much in it. Immerse yourself in shaving cream and get the desired amount. Apply cream to your face in circular motion. The fibers skin should be massaged and excreted. Prove it and spread cream uniformly on your face.

There are many advantages of wet shaving, mainly, you cannot beat how many shaves you get from wet shaving, your skin is very moisturized so that you look good every time. The main issue with wet shaving is extra time to go through this process. Here are some tips to save some time, while shaving can make it more enjoyable and can help you start your day better.

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