Most Common Types of Cancer in Women

  • Breast cancer Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Cancer of Breast starts when breast cells starts developing uncontrollably.While in their growth,they attains the shape of a carcinoma which can only be diagnosed as a feeling of  knot inside or by seeing through X rays. This lump can be destructive if it is successful in reaching nearby tendons, ligament or nerves and is deadly if it becomes a larger size & starts reaching to other internal organs.Generally women are mostly affected by it but occurance in men is also seen.

Causes: Exposure to certain factors is primary cause of it. Heavy drinker of wine or other fermented products is thought to be responsible for it & also that a family history of mother,sister or any other close relation having Cancer of Breast is liable for its occurrence.

  • Some of the Syndromes:
  1. Discharge from nipples in form of blood,
  2. Feeling of uneasyness in nipples
  • Upturned shape of nipples
  1. Knotty feeling inside breasts
  2. BruiseC or pain in nipples
  3. Weekness in body followed by loss of weight
  • Lymph nodes getting inflated
  • Cure: If Cancer is in primary stage then Oncologists suggest for –
  1. I) Radiation therapy- High energy radiation is used with help of machines to shrink the size of tumor and thereby killing them.

Ii)  Cryotherapy- In this treatment several Cryoprobes in form of sharp needles are injected in the cancerous lump and then chilled ice cold gas is passed through them thus freezing the harmful cells and making them senseless resulting in their death.

In such cases where lump has grown or gone out of control of such therapies then Oncologists suggest for Surgery as last option which includes-

  1. Masectomy- Removal of affected breasts to save other organs from getting affected by it.
  2. Lymph nodes Surgery- It is generally suggested if lump has reached area of underarms and here after diagnosing either part or complete lymph nodes are operated and removed to prevent from spreading further.


  • Colon cancer Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

After food is digested by mechanical system of stomach, esophagus & small is converted to  solid waste after extracting proteins,vitamins,carbohydrates and fats from it and sent to Colon.This waste is exit out of the body through rectum and then anus.


  • Colon cancer or other related cancer are mostly caused by Hereditary nonpolyposis colorectal cancer. HNPCC occurs mostly during or before in the age group of 45-50.
  • Familial adenomatous polyposis (FAP). FAP is a rare disorder that causes you to develop thousands of polyps in the lining of your colon and rectum. When a condition occurs in body where area of colon or rectum starts infected or covered by polyps
  • Symptoms:
  • Stool discharge followed by blood in it.
  • Uncomfortable feeling in bowel due to blockage in it & also diversity in nature of tummy
  • Feeling of passing stool but unable to clear it.
  • Colour of stool getting dark due to mixture of blood in excreta
  • Due to stomach unclear,gas is passed out with foul smell and with noise in it
  • Urge to clear bowel increases at short intervals
  • Stool getting thick 


  • In most cases tumor is removed by operating and then adjuvent therapy ( some sort of chemical reaction done through rays to enhance immunity of body)
  • Patients who are suffering from Rectal cancer,Chemotherapy is suggested and alongwith, radiation therapy is also advised to increase body’s power to fight against such bad cells or cancer cells.


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