Motion Control Products You Need to Know About

Amongst various motion control products, a linear actuator is the most common one; as it creates motion in straight lines rather than in circular lines that the electric motor usually does. Electric linear motion actuators are easy to use and fast, with simple designs that are easy to understand and operate.

Today, actuators have become electro-mechanical with high-end technology so that the rotational motion in low voltage DC motors can be converted into linear push and pull movements. The rotatory motion is turned into a linear one by making use of the motor in the actuator. These actuators are excellent solution to providing a safe environment for accurate motion control. They give you control over the accuracy of the motion along with providing you a simple solution to your needs. Electric actuators are used for linear motion control in many industries, including medicine and science, aerospace, marine research and general research areas. Electric actuators can be used for a variety of movements and applications, including but not limited to pulling and pushing, lifting, tilting and pushing with a thrust.

A wide variety of electric actuators

Electric actuators come in many styles and sizes. From rod less models that come with either screw driven or belt driven designs, to electric actuators with rods, you will always find an actuator that is suited to your needs. Rod less devices have a carriage system that moves the load in due time. They come with their own bearing systems, which come in handy in using applications where bearing support is left out. Along with that, rod less actuators are designed in a way that they guide the load in its positioning.

Both your personal and industrial needs can be satisfied through the huge catalogue of electric actuators available. These are made especially keeping in mind your needs and demands for quality and power. Electric linear actuators replace the conventional air and water cylinders that industries use. If you are unsure about the size you need for your usage, you can always refer to the size charts that specify what kind of electric actuator you should buy. These actuators come with a design that is leak-and humidity-proof, so there is no need to worry about your applicators getting rusty or party getting worn off in a short time.

Benefits of using electric actuators

The most celebrated advantage of electric actuators is that they are smooth in their function and hassle-free, easy-to-operate devices. Their stability is constant even when the speed is low, which can be increased or decreased as per your need. Along with that, all the settings done on the actuator, including the positioning and its adjustment, can be redone on actuators that use stepper motor. It is as simple as altering the data entered to alter the position of the motion and the speed with which the product operates. Another advantage of this device is that motions can be included with multiple stopping points, so you don’t have to restart the device every time.


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