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Engineering graduates without industrial experience may find that employment is difficult to obtain immediately after completing their studies. Industrial work placement experience often results in improved academic performance, and it has also shown results in increased engineering skills and employability. It provides students with the opportunity to undertake a paid, relevant work placement as part of their degree. Hence, this industry based learning is used for a range of approaches and strategies, which integrate academic studies with work practice for at least six months or a year.

In this very stage of the aspiring students like you, ideal educational institutes play an essential role to prepare for that phase of life, on which the whole career depends. Renowned institutes like, the  best engineering college in UP  trains and prepares the students with many important questions that are generally asked in the placement interviews so that they can tackle it with ease. Some of these essential questions are discussed below.

Tell Something about Yourself

 This is a common question and very critical one from the perspective of a job seeker. It is because they get a chance to talk about themselves at length. Generally, candidates make mistake by introducing themselves as in by mentioning their name, qualifications and so on. These are already mentioned in the resume and the interviewer wants to know something which is not mentioned in it. Reputed institutes groom their students with essential tips so that they can present themselves in an interesting way. Like, instead of repeating those mentioned qualities in the resume, they train them to start with the value systems inculcated in by their parents or speak up about their strengths.

Where do you see yourself Five years from Now?

 You need to be absolutely honest with yourself while answering this question. For this you must have some research and analysis of the industry which you are going to join. These renowned institutes arrange various seminars and workshops, where they invite leaders and experienced professionals from the particular industry. These types of events help students to acquire industry base knowledge and accordingly they can prepare themselves for their professional life. This helps them to answer this question with confidence.

Why should we hire you?

 This is another tricky question that is generally asked in an interview session. The quality university trains its students to present themselves and talk about their strengths and link it with the job. For instance: if you are intending to make your career in sales, you need to have certain mandatory qualities like excellent listening and oral skills, integrity, presence of mind and excellent knowledge of the product. These institutes prepare their students with all the necessary qualities so that they can impress and convince the interviewer.

 Optimizing the placement interviews are highly advantageous for the students and so, premium institutes like, the best B.Tech universities in Delhi NCR include work placement programs in the engineering programs and make their students job ready.


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