Reflective Tapes: How to Install and Remove Them?

Installing and removing reflective tapes is not at all complicated. But then, people tend to commit various kinds of mistakes when it comes to performing this simple task. Keep in mind that the adhesive performance depends on the surface preparation. All you need to do is follow a few steps, and your reflective tape is good to go for months to come!

To make it easier for you, I have talked about the installation and removal process in details. Kindly read on to know more.

Instructions for Preparing the Surface for Reflective Tapes

* The surface should be absolutely clean and dry before you install the tape. There shouldn’t be any kind of grease, oil or dirt on the surface. Scrubbing the application area with soap and water is always recommended.

* You can even wipe the area with a cloth soaked in isopropol alcohol and then, wipe it with a separate rag in order to ensure that it is clean and absolutely ready for the application process.

* Do not make the attempt of applying the tapes during the rainy season. A sunny day is ideal for applying this.

* For practice, apply a small piece at first and then, carry on with the entire thing.

Instructions for Application of Reflective Tapes

* Peel the material properly as you apply it. And yes, don’t make it stick to itself.

* Avoid touching the adhesive side of the reflective tape because the oil and dirt on your hands can actually contaminate the adhesive.

* Use your fingers to press it down onto the surface. You can also use a squeegee or a piece of cloth for this job.

* Do not press the tape down and then, pull or sticking it back again. This will reduce the effectiveness of the adhesive to a great extent.

* Use light pressure in the beginning and then, increase the pressure with time.

* Cut the material using a razor blade when you come to the seam.

Instructions for Removing Reflective Tapes

* You have to heat the reflective tape at first. You can use a hair dryer or a heat gun for this job.

* Do not use extreme heat so that the substrate gets damaged.

* Try to peel the tape off while you are still using the heat.

* You can use a razor blade as well, if necessary. But, be a little careful so that you do not end up digging into the substrate.

* Once the tape is removed, you can use an adhesive remover on the area. Scrape off the entire residue carefully. Scrub it with soap and water after that.

So, this was a complete guideline for installing and removing reflective materials. From using it on vehicles to safety cones and banners, they can be used in more ways than one and that is why, you should always keep them handy. Hopefully, this article was helpful for you all. And, to know more about reflective sheeting, please keep following my articles.

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