Spelling Bee Champion Competition

The English language vocabulary keep on growing every year,
English words have their origin in almost every other language on the planet.
Most identical sounds are spelled differently as different words and out of 90 basic English spelling patterns, 84 spelling patterns have exceptions.
These can give an idea about the spelling bee is a really competitive event and learn how to spell it’s such a challenge for students.
There has been a dramatic increase in the level of attention given to spelling events in the last few years
Since 2006 the spelling bee event had live television coverage and has been broadcasted during prime time.
For sure the main ingredient to learning how to spell and succeeding in spelling bee competitions is hard work.
Also, there are some tricks that can help you out in succeeding in a spelling bee competition, for example,
to Spell Difficult Words:
1) Separate the word into smaller parts and repeat them loud, syllable after syllable.
this will help you focus on the spelling of each individual part, which makes it easier when putting the whole thing together.
If you do not know the word, try to guess a simpler form of many difficult words is just derivation of simple words, so if you can guess the root
you can deduct the rest.
To deduct the root try to cut away all suffixes and prefixes, keeping in mind that the root’s last letter is often cut away when the root is combined with suffixes.
Find more info and spelling tricks here
The right aids can help a student in dramatically improve spelling skills in a relatively short time,
software tools such as Spelling Bee Ninja are proven to greatly increase spelling skills in very short time.

Spelling Bee training software provider.Our aim is to provide the most comprehensive spelling bee resources kit to all the students willing improve spelling skills and, why not, master and win spelling bee competitions.

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