Things You Shouldn’t Right After You Get Engaged

Let me guess? Your fiancé just proposed to you. Wait, I’ll guess again. You’re excited about the whole thing.
Well, who wouldn’t be? Still, you have to be careful. People do lots of stupid things when they’re excited. You better make sure that you’re not one of them.
Just because you’re now engaged, doesn’t mean that everything is going to be perfect from this day forward. As a matter of fact, tons of negative events could be waiting for you until the very day you’re going to get married. With that, here are some of the things you should never do when right after you got engaged.
Don’t invite everyone to your wedding day just yet
It’s like I said. Getting married can get you all excited. After all, marriage is the day everyone is waiting for their entire lives. With that, no one can really blame you if you happen to invite everyone to your wedding, right after your fiancé proposed to you.
Even so, you can’t blame anybody else too, if it turns out that your wedding is going to get cancelled.
Imagine yourself being scheduled to get married in six months. When you already have a date for your wedding, it can make you feel like there is nothing left to do but to wait.
But the thing is, things go from bad to worse if you don’t watch out. You know what? You better make sure all the wedding planners in the Philippines are all hired before you start inviting everyone. You know? Just so you don’t have to endure all of the humiliation when you later realize that the marriage will be cancelled.
Don’t permit your parents to help with the wedding preparation
Don’t get me wrong. We all love our parents, but this is your wedding. You should be in charge. You know how parents feel like they always know what’s best for their kids, right?
With that, you should never ask or permit them to help with the wedding preparation, unless you want to lose control of the whole wedding.
Don’t fall deeply in love with the first dress that meets your eye
When you’re all excited about the wedding, it can make you fall in love with the first elegant dress that you see, but you know what? Just don’t.
Believe me. There will be plenty of dresses that you’re going to see. You’ll probably even see dresses that are much prettier than the first dress you saw.
When you’re going to get hitched, it’s typical for you to need to post photographs and updates on the web.

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