Top 10 Modern Wedding Cakes for 2017

Looking for your perfect wedding cake? It’s 2017! You can have almost anything you want and there’s many cake trends to choose from. But if you are thinking of something specific, don’t worry! You can easily get it done. Your cake designer will certainly be glad to make it for you.
If you haven’t yet decided on what cake to get, here are the top 10 Modern Design Wedding Cakes trend that will surely leave you in awe.
1. Succulent Love


Ditch the typical floral cakes. If you and your fiancé love these adorable little plants, succulent wedding cake is a must for you!

IMAGE from Pinterest

2. Lace


Even in 2017, lace continues to be popular among brides. Honestly, who wouldn’t love this classic wedding cake! It’s elegant and pleasing to the eye.

IMAGE: The Abigail Bloom Cake Company

3. Beaded


Beaded wedding cakes are now in fashion. This here will no doubt, amaze your guests.

IMAGE: Claire Owen Cakes

4. Marble


If you want a more glamorous wedding cake, marbled cake is for you. Just look at it! If it’s not the cake of your dreams, then I don’t know what is.

IMAGE: Rosalind Miller Cakes

5. Chic

If you think beaded cakes don’t work for you, then have your wedding cake sparkling and shimmering just like this stunning wedding cake!

IMAGE: Poppy Pickering

6. Personalized

Now this is the chance where you and your partner can show your creativity and personal style. Make sure to create the wow factor you are after. Design your cake the way your heart desires.

IMAGE: Peboryon

7. Metallic

It’s not surprising that metallic tones like copper, gold and silver have been included in modern wedding palettes. They make your wedding cake more beautiful and glamorous.

IMAGE by Michelle Larmand

8. Neutral Tones

Wedding cakes that take on neutral color palette look simple but elegant.

IMAGE by Natalie Franke

9. Frosted

Frosted wedding cakes may look casual but they still give a neat impression.

IMAGE by Scott Clark

10. Hand Painted
Believe it or not, cakes can be a canvas too! Hand painted wedding cakes are not new but they are becoming popular today. Cake designers can hand paint your wedding cakes with flowers, stars, patterns, illustrations or anything you want, you name it!

IMAGE: Nevie Pie Cakes

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