Everyone wants their home to have the best architectural design with suitable furnishing. To implement the pre-decided layout accurately conveys the skills of a good builder. There are a number of factors to be considered like space, number of occupants, budget, residential rules etc. The quality of structure formed can be a primary concern since it depends on the raw material used and the skill of the labourers. The floor plan and the designing are conducted by the architect. In the nutshell, it’s a collective teamwork to reach the standards decided.


#1 PRACTICALITY- Planning a floor plan reflects the creativity of an architect. The planning should be done in such a way that it doesn’t cause any hindrance or difficulty to the movement of people living. The size of the rooms should be practical, neither too large nor too small. There should be proper space left for other usable areas and easy movement. There should be an airy feel, which depends on the right use of the space available.

#2 AFFORDABLE- Constructing the project at the minimal cost is a challenge for any builder. Designing consumes a maximum of the budget since the look of the architecture depends on the cuts and layouts constructed. Consumption of raw material varies with the creativity involved in the designing. Architecture with simple constructed walls and ceilings would be relatively cheaper than a more contemporary and innovative design. For affordable architectural design in London, visit Planitel.

#3 PROPER VENTILATION- The architectural design should include properly constructed windows at all the suitable corners to ensure cross ventilation. There should be glass areas at the upper end of the walls for the entrance of natural lighting. These qualities are very useful at the time of power cuts and avoid suffocation in the house.


#4 FLOOR BASE- The base of the house should be at a reasonable height as compared to the outside ground level since at the time of excessive rains, the logged water shouldn’t enter the house. Such tactic also works in case of excessive snowfall. Raised flooring provides a margin for cementing of the outside street or road again. It ensures that the flooring level of the house doesn’t get sink being adjacent to the outside ground level.

These all the necessary qualities of a good home architectural design. A good builder would always give prime importance to such factors. You should be attentive when the project is in the flow and ensure such qualities in your dream home. One can contact Planitel for architectural design in London. Planitel is among the leading architectural firms in London and you can check out their website to refer to their completed contracts.

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