Why you should be concerned with that excessive hair sprouts

Some women begin noticing increased hair growth (hirsutism) and they may call it a genetic issue. A woman growing noticeable hair on the face to the extent of forming a beard or mustache is not a normal thing. Much as you may naturally grow more hair in your family, it is advisable to have a check up at a gynaecologist centre.

Why is this so?

Increased hair growth is a sign of many medical issues and at times a warning sign of infertility. Cases where a woman has increased blood sugars, PCOS, unwanted hair growth, irregular periods, and obesity and other issues is just an indication of infertility which will require infertility treatment in India

It must be noted that women with PCOS, Acne, and increased hair growth may conceive, but the fact is that your chances of normal conception are reduced most especially in women above 30 years.

Increased hair growth is due to increased male hormones

PCOS also known as Poly Cystic Ovarian syndrome is an infertility issue that affects 2 women in 10. PCOS can emerge as early as 20 years. Hormonal imbalances, a condition where a woman’s ovaries produce more male hormones than the female hormones is to blame for the PCOS.

PCOS are harmless cysts filled with a fluid in the ovaries. This condition affects generally 3-4 million women in the age of reproduction

PCOS or increased hair growth may occur as a single issue at a time, but in most cases, they can appear together to mean that you may need help to conceive in the future in case no effective treatment is done immediately

Early detected PCOS can disappear without causing significant infertility problems. That is done by;

  • Talking to your gynae; she or he may prescribe Metformin to help in conceiving

  • Controlling sugar intakes

  • Exercising regularly

  • Altering your meals and diet to limit the fat cells that lead to the increment of male hormones

The above will help you cut down your weight, reduce the risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes

Severe PCOS will automatically require PCOS treatment in India in a modern infertility clinic. Treatments depend on the prevailing complications caused by the syndrome. Tablets and injections are some of the treatments for the problem

Dealing with Hirsutism

Oral contraceptives and Flutamide are possible treatments for unwanted hair growth

Home practices such as shaving, creams or dermatologist laser hair removal can help reduce the hair on the body

Controlling diabetes by taking in more water, taking in more fruits and vegetables is a way to go

What to expect in your battle

Hirsutism, PCOS, acne, insulin resistance, increased cholesterol levels, accompanied by infertility may lead to depression. Also, chances of Hyperplasia, which can lead to endometrial cancer are increased.

The treatment approach to the underlying health condition will help you reduce the risks of all these issues

Stay happy even when it is hard since stress can worsen these health conditions complicating pregnancy

If the worst happens, advanced infertility treatments such as IVF, ICSI, Surrogacy can help a couple conceive

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