Working Out with Kettlebells

Kettlebells are popular among most gym goers. If used with correct technique, kettlebells can serve as an effective exercise tool that offers complete body conditioning and strengthening.The main reason why people are not able to derive benefits from using this equipment is because the use technique is wrong. Proper professional coaching is needed to learn the technical movements and lifts.

Workout types using kettlebells have many variations. Where heavy weights are needed, most people use kettlebell as their main equipment for resistance training.Kettlebells are also used for whole-body circuit cardio workout; in this case you would use lighter weights andmore reps or more sets.

Some of the common exercises that are performed with kettlebells are listed below. Perform with a trainer so that your form can be critiqued until and adjusted to ensure the workout is maximizing your full potential.

  1. Kettlebell Swing

The swing exercise with kettlebells requires practice, patience, and proper coaching to master its form. Usually people perform it in incorrect form that limits the output and further hinders the progress that could be made after mastering this technique. Just remember that the kettlebell swing is a high-value exercise for which you need to complete proper kettlebell training. If you wish to get positive results, then work towards performing it in the right manner.

  1. Kettlebell Deadlift

This particular workout is helpful in adding muscles to your back, hamstrings, hips, and glutes. If you perform it regularly and correctly you could achieve a good hip-hinge, which is necessary for every kettlebell move.  It is mainly directed as a lower body workout but can also be taken as an accessory exercise to barbell deadlift or squatting.

  1. Kettlebell Strict Press

The Strict Press is another remarkable movement to learn. It may seem like an overhead press, but in reality you use your full body for maximum pressing power. Do not mistake it as strictly being a shoulder exercise.

Many times kettlebells can contribute advantages overusing dumbbells. The form while using the kettlebells is more comfortable to use due to its plane of motion. Its unique shape and firm grip handle permits the user to press in natural plane of motion in relation to your shoulder joint. This exercise would not be as smooth with the dumbbell and neither with the barbell which is more difficult to perform. Essentially, with the kettlebell you feel more power while you press.

  1. Kettlebell Clean

This particular form is a power exercise where you have to swing the kettlebell back to the rack position.With regular practice you can build mind-blowing strength and coordination. It’s a safe exercise to bring the kettlebellback to the rack position which is used totarget overhead exercises.This type of kettlebell exercise is used as a power exercise early in workout sessions or can also be done as the finisher.

Take professional guidance and instructions before starting any exercise form.

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