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The confectioners have to face many challenges when they are looking to design perfect cake boxes for their products. These issues may vary in magnitude and urgency, but one thing is for sure that they affect the product and brand perceptions. The bottom line is that these issues always revolve around cost, sustainability, protection, presentation, and functionality.

They need to be resolved immediately if you are to earn the confidence of customers and build your credibility around them. Otherwise, you may end up on the losing side, as your business would likely falter. This article comprises a detailed breakdown of the challenges that are usually faced by businesses and the tips to overcome them.

Enhance Protection Capacity

The individual cake boxes get deformed when multiple cakes are packed inside them. It is a very serious problem that can lead to affecting the integrity and originality of the delicious cakes. To avoid such a threat, it is wise to introduce two types of changes in the boxes, namely structural and functional design change. The packages come in direct contact with the external pressures and abrasive forces during stacking or transportation processes which make them exposed to stress.

This stress, if not dealt with, could lead to the destruction of packages. The best shot here is to shrink down the size and shape of the boxes to a possible extent. The lesser the area of packaging is, the smaller will be its chances to get in contact with physical and environmental stressors. 

Talking about the functional design, the details such as packaging materials are of utmost importance. It will be a tough ask for low-quality materials to resist the damages of various kinds. So, prioritize the use of materials that have a higher tensile strength and do not break under the application of critical loads. Additional packaging fillers such as bubble wraps, shredded papers, and packaging peanuts could also be used to provide enough strength and rigidity.

Embrace Greener Materials

Coming up with sustainable boxes for cakes is perhaps the most significant challenge the companies face today. Various market researches indicate the growth of the global green packaging market in the past decade. Not just that, but the market is expected to grow further in the upcoming years as well. Keeping that in mind, decide to start towards your sustainable journey by accepting the use of natural materials for crafting individual cake boxes. 

Materials like Kraft and cardboard are completely recyclable and reduce the packaging waste that ends up in landfills. The laminates and coats used on the boxes are made of two or more packaging webs, joined together with an adhesive. These webs may belong to the different classes of materials that are non-sustainable, and it is hard to remove them after they are joined together. So, to avoid them affecting the recyclability of the packaging, make sure they are made from sustainable raw materials.

Curtail the Expenses

Curtailing the packaging costs leads towards increased margins that are indispensable for higher profitability rates. Optimization of costs associated with the packaging is often the biggest worry of the confectioners. To address this issue, it is required to make serious efforts towards finding the best wholesale cake boxes suppliers.

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They cut down their profit margins by a significant amount just to give you value-added and monetary benefits, and in return, they gain customer loyalty. Another pro tip here is to keep the weight of the boxes as low as possible. Lightweight packages do not add to the net weight of the commodities being shipped and save you extra money. The right-sizing of the packages is another technique to save on the costs that are spent on the additional filler materials for protection.

Aesthetic Designing

In a bid to segregate from the market competition, the confectioners often take the traditional route for packaging design. The result is that they end up with a design that is not appreciated at all by the potential clients. To overcome this challenge, it is essential to try something unconventional. Work on improving the aesthetic visual appeal of the cake packages.

For this, you need to make the right selection of colors, images, and graphics that bring instant attention to the packaged items. The window cake boxes are also a fine option because of the increased transparency they bring to the product presentation. You could also customize the styling and structuring of the packages so that they present a beautiful view in front of the customers.

Improve Practicality

Enhancing the experiences of potential clients through the design of cheap cake boxes is a great challenge for confectioners. To address this issue perfectly, the best approach is to start working on enhancing the functionality of the packages. A fundamental step in this aspect is to go with the custom closure options that bring ultimate convenience to the customers.

The box with a magnetic closure or reverse tuck end is easy to open, re-close, and provides a smooth experience. Other than that, you can go with additional handling mechanisms at the side of the packages to provide a perfect grip over the packaged cakes.

The designing of cake boxes is not as simple as it might appear in the first instance. There are a lot of challenges that need to be addressed so that you can maintain the highest position of your brand in the marketplace. Bear in mind the aforementioned tips, which are all about defying the packaging issues that you mostly come across.

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