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5 Awesome Uses of Kraft Packaging for Your Products

Kraft packaging is a unique and exciting method to present your products. Brown paper that has been processed with ground wood pulp and then compacted into a sheet is known as Kraft paper. Kraft packaging is a unique take on the traditional cardboard box and plastic bag. The durability and recyclability of Kraft are only two of its numerous advantages.

You can safeguard your product from not just moisture but also light harm using Kraft packaging. Kraft packing may be used for a variety of applications, including custom bath bomb packaging and card backing. This blog article will discuss five creative ways to repurpose Kraft packaging.

Uses of Kraft Packaging

The following are some of the pros of Kraft packaging.

Kraft Packaging’s Perks

Your product may be protected from moisture and light damage by using Kraft paper. Furthermore, Kraft packaging is a unique alternative to traditional product packaging’s such as boxes or plastic bags. You have a lot of other options when it comes to incorporating Kraft in your creations.

  • Moisture Proofing
  • Durability
  • Recyclability
  • Creative Alternative


The paper used in Kraft box packaging protects your goods from moisture and light damage, ideal for bath bombs and other cosmetics requiring such protection. It may also be an alternative to typical wrapping techniques such as boxes or plastic bags, giving you more artistic input!


When you’re done using Kraft paper, you may recycle it by handing it over to recycling services, which will repurpose it to make new Kraft paper goods. Again, because Kraft is a natural, biodegradable product, this benefits the environment!

Alternative Thoughts

Personalize your gifts by wrapping them in Kraft paper and decorating them with Kraft stamps or stickers. It’s unique and environmentally friendly, and some products, such as cards, may even be printed on it! 

Moisture Resistance

Kraft packaging protects some goods from moisture, making it ideal for items like bath bombs, which frequently include water. They also protect against light damage; thus, Kraft wrapping would be suitable for selling cosmetics!

Kraft Paper’s Packaging Applications

Now that you’ve learned about Kraft paper’s many advantages let’s look at some of the many ways it may be used for packaging. Kraft paper is great for bath bombs and cosmetics, but it may also be used for other things. Kraft paper is an excellent wrapping material since it is both sturdy and environmentally beneficial. In addition, many individuals enjoy the antique appearance that Kraft paper provides. So, let’s have a look at five creative ways to utilize Kraft packaging.

Boxes for Takeout

 For throwaway or takeout packaging, Kraft is commonly used. Kraft paper is a low-cost option that may be custom cut. Kraft packaging is ideal if you own a restaurant or work in the catering sector since it is durable, lightweight, and cost-effective!

Paper for Wrapping

The Kraft paper also makes fantastic wrapping paper, making any present appear far more unique than simply placing it in a bag. Within seconds, the rough surface of Kraft paper will add a special touch to your gift!

Alternative to Bubble Wrap

Kraft wrap is frequently used as a bubble wrap substitute since it is lighter and packs down smaller than regular bubble wrap, allowing you to get more usage from each sheet. Furthermore, this material offers some advantages, including the ability to withstand water, so there’s no need to be concerned if it’s pouring outdoors. There are several coated Kraft papers on the market that are ideal water repellent. Cutting Kraft with a knife or scissors is also simple.

Gift Boxes in Kraft

Because we enjoy giving gifts to our loved ones, Kraft paper is an ideal gift box wrapping material. Kraft makes it simple to tie a ribbon around your gift, and you’re done! A present is a statement of love and concern for the recipient; therefore, it’s essential to find ways to express your feelings for them. Every sort of detail matters when it comes to deciding how they will open their present, from making gorgeous boxes or bags to wrapping paper with matching ribbons.

Labels on Products

Kraft can also be used as product labels, so if you want to make your product presentation appear professional, this form of wrapping is ideal since it allows you to write on it without ink seeping through.

Bags for Clothing

Apparel bags are an excellent method to display your company’s brand, and Kraft packaging is a perfect choice for this job. Kraft guarantees that the pattern is preserved during transportation, so if you’re sending clothing, this material will assist keep it safe.

Using Bath Bombs

These days, fancy bath bombs are all the rage, but how can you make them look nice? One alternative is to wrap them in Kraft paper before shipping them to their final destination. Because people like utilizing Kraft as a creative wrap, this product has been cropping up on many websites recently; here’s why! To begin with, Kraft paper helps the bath bomb’s colors to shine through without being subdued owing to a lack of light exposure.

Packaging’s Impact on Product Sales

Now, let’s talk about the importance of adequate packaging in product sales: Kraft is a great packing material! Kraft paper makes an excellent product background, and it’s a fantastic choice if you don’t want to spend time or money on anything more elaborate. As a consequence, Kraft will prevent harm to both your goods and your consumer. Increased exposure to what’s inside can also help Kraft increase sales. According to one research, “sales increased when there was more apparent information about what was in the package,” so be bold with your Kraft packing! Shiply is one of the leading companies in adequate packaging of products and transporting of goods.

The advantages of Kraft packing cannot be overstated. They are not only recyclable but also sturdy and environmentally beneficial. And it’s not only about the environment; your consumers will appreciate how appealing these packagings are. So, if you’re searching for a creative professional who can help you with anything from Kraft paper to custom packaging, Stampa Prints is the place to go.

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