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5 Facebook Features You're Missing Out On

It is possible to “pin” a post to the top of your Facebook page if you have published something significant on your page or if your followers have responded positively to anything you have written.

This prevents the article from being moved to the bottom of the page each time you make a new update and guarantees that any new visitors to your website get the most recent and most significant update first. You may also sometimes want to copy text from posts, you can do so with the help of this guide. Unpinnable posts will remain at the top of the page until they are unpinned, or you decide to pin anything fresh to the top, enabling you to always.

Ensure that your material has the highest possibility of being viewed by your followers:

The ‘Insights’ tab may be found at the top of your Facebook page’s navigation bar. This has a wealth of useful information about your page, and for starters, choose ‘Posts’ from the drop-down menu. You’ll be able to view the days and hours when most of your admirers are online in this section. If you’re going to put in the effort to create quality material, you may as well release it when it has the highest chance of being noticed by your target audience!

Further down the page, you can see how well your most recent articles have done in terms of engaging your followers and subscribers. If you discover something that works, keep doing it! You may sort your articles by how many people have seen them by clicking on the reach column.

Using ‘sites to watch,’ you may learn from the performance of your competition:

While still on the ‘Insights’ menu, there’s one more fantastic feature that ought to be mentioned. An area named ‘pages to watch’ is located at the bottom of the ‘overview’ part of the website, right at the bottom of the page. Keeping a watch on your rivals’ sites and seeing which articles are the most effective each week allows you to stay one step ahead of them.

It’s pretty beneficial to observe what’s working for them (and, thus, what you can learn and apply to your page) as well as to compare your engagement levels with their engagement levels. To get started, click on ‘add pages.’ Once you have a few sites listed, you can click on each to get a pop-up of their most popular postings from the previous seven days!

Enhance the number of likes and comments on your posts to increase interaction with your audience:

To extend the reach of your Facebook postings, you may experiment with the ‘boost post’ option, which is available at a low fee. To get the most out of this function (and to save the most money), you should use it to promote important postings to your own Facebook page followers rather than to promote your posts to new individuals.

For a few pounds spread over two or three days, you can guarantee that critical postings, such as those announcing the debut of your website, a new product, or a special deal, are viewed by hundreds more of your followers than they would be if they were posted organically.

Make a plan for your improvements and stick to it:

Trying to remember to post on your Facebook page daily might be a difficult task to remember. Even while many excellent programs are available to assist you with scheduling social media posts ahead of time (I use, you can also do so very quickly right from your Facebook page, which is entirely free.

As long as you spend 20 minutes every Monday morning scheduling all of your Facebook posts for the following week (apart from checking in for a few minutes daily to respond to any comments), you will be able to relax and concentrate on growing your business in other ways, confident that Facebook is already working for you.

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