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The right janitorial products make cleaning work easy and efficient. You can stock up by buying wholesale janitorial supplies online to maintain an odor-free and functional space. Work with reliable vendors who ship products directly to your business. Here are six tips for purchasing janitorial supplies online:

1. Do Your Research

The online market has many vendors or suppliers selling janitorial supplies. Scour the internet looking for reputable vendors with the right products for your cleaning needs. If you work in the hotel industry, look for a vendor that stocks microfiber rags for trapping dust and smooth cloths for cleaning glass windows. For the food service industry, choose a supplier that offers wet and dry mops for cleaning the kitchen floors. 

Check customer reviews and testimonials on the vendors’ websites, paying special attention to what is said about overall product quality. Look for a supplier with excellent customer service who can respond to your questions and keep you updated on your cleaning supply shipping dates. When choosing a reliable cleaning supply company to partner with, look for one that has years of experience selling and fine-tuning their selection of cleaning products.

2. Choose Quality Janitorial Supplies

Quality janitorial products meet industry standards and last longer while doing it. Microfiber is one cleaning option that is used by many people and businesses to help keep their spaces clean. Microfiber is highly absorbent and traps dirt so that staff can clean your business within a short time. You can invest in microfiber cloths that allow you to wipe surfaces without leaving trails of lint or dust behind. 

Top-quality cleaning supplies, such as mop pads, are versatile and may come in different colors and sizes. They can be used to clean all of the hard floors in your establishment. You can reuse long-lasting mop pads in dining spaces and food prep areas. Color-coded cleaning products can be assigned to specific areas to control and minimize sources of contamination.

3. Consider Your Budget

The cost of cleaning supplies varies depending on the item and its quality. Buying lower-quality cleaning supplies that cost less might not be practical in the long run, as they tend to rip or wear out more quickly. It can help to choose multiuse products, such as wet and dry microfiber mops, to get increased value for your money. Finding a balance between affordability and quality can help your cleaning supplies last longer while still fitting your budget.

4. Buy in Bulk

Buying wholesale janitorial supplies has many benefits. When you purchase cleaning products in bulk, you can often get discounts and save money. If you have sufficient storage space, stock up on your janitorial products to avoid shortages during emergencies. 

Purchasing in bulk can help with budgeting and inventory management. You can know when to reorder new wiping cloths, mops, or mop pads because you have a good understanding of the supplies you use each month. With online bulk purchases, you save the hours you would likely spend driving to the store to purchase cleaning essentials.

5. Look for Variety 

Look for vendors who offer varied janitorial products for all different spaces. Many suppliers offer different cleaning essentials, such as:

  • Mops
  • Disposable mop pads
  • Huck towels
  • Wiping rags
  • Hand sanitizers
  • Cobbler aprons
  • Microfiber cloths
  • Dusters

These items may come in various colors, quality levels, and sizes that can meet your cleaning needs. If you have walls of tall windows, large microfiber cloths can help keep them clean and streak-free. If your business has frequent visitors coming in and out, large containers of hand sanitizer can help minimize germs.

6. Choose Eco-Friendly Products

Many mop pads and microfiber cloths can be reused or recycled, making them more eco-friendly. By investing in microfiber products, cleaning staff can use less water and detergents. You can buy rags and huck towels that are rewashed and used for different areas, such as windows and hard surfaces. Look for hand sanitizers with organic extracts that are kinder to the environment as well.

Buy Wholesale Janitorial Supplies

You can purchase your bulk janitorial supplies online to help save you time and money. Opt for high-quality towels and rags that can serve you for an extended period. Choose eco-friendly items that meet your janitorial needs and fall within your budget.


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