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We would all love to be in a position to design and build our own home; for some, it remains a dream, while others actually get to buy the land, hire the architect, builder and surveyor, which results in living space designed around you and your lifestyle.

Here are a few tips to help you make all the right choices when designing a home.

Think composites

Building materials have come a long way and bricks and mortar are no longer the preferred build. Composite materials are light, strong and don’t require any maintenance; good insulation keeps out the heat in the summer and retains the warmth in the colder winter months. Talk to a custom builder about composites and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the cost and performance.


Talk to the best mortgage broker in Moonee Ponds and they will present a few home loan packages and you can proceed with the project. The builder would furnish you with stage payment details, when specific amounts are paid at certain stages of the project. Do shop around when looking for a home loan and consulting an independent mortgage broker is the smart thing to do.

Think of the future

If you are planning to extend in 5-10 years, this can be incorporated into the design; you might not have any need to increase your living space, but perhaps a pool would be a good investment. Factor in future projects and you’ll be glad you did!

Clean & renewable energy

Building a house in this day and age absolutely should incorporate solar panels; furthermore, the Australian government offers financial incentives to home and business owners that make the switch to solar energy; you can be 100% independent for your energy needs and even sell surplus electricity to the national grid. Experts say you can recoup your investment in just 5 years, plus you will be leading by example and hopefully, others will follow.


If you want to keep building maintenance to a minimum, mention this to the builder at the very outset and he can design living space that is easy to manage. While building maintenance and upkeep is part and parcel of ownership, it is smart to select the best materials for durability. Click here for lawn maintenance tips.

Track the Sun

Ideally, you want your patio to be shaded and the direction of the build is important, especially in coastal locations, where strong wind is a factor. Of course, this is something to discuss with the architect, whose job it is to put your dream home on paper. It might be wise to plant a few trees that will mature into a windbreak, giving you natural protection.

If you and your partner are looking forward to spending your retirement years in your dream home, we hope the above content is food for thought. Designing a home is an exciting time and with the right custom builder, your dream home in the sun awaits!

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