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vehicle shipping

If you are moving from one city to another within the state of California, you may want to consider shipping your car rather than making the long drive yourself. If the drive is from Northern California to Southern California, for example, it could easily take you 10 hours. While that may not be an issue for some people, it can be a hassle for others. There are plenty of benefits to having your vehicle shipped when you’re relocating. Here are some advantages to consider.

Reduced Stress

When you have vehicle shipping in California, you can eliminate the stress of having to multitask. You can focus solely on packing, shutting down your internet and electricity, and updating your address with various companies, such as the bank and your subscription services.

If you have to drive from Sacramento to San Diego, for example, you’ll be in the car for roughly 9-10 hours, not including breaks. Instead, this time could be spent organizing and doing paperwork. Essentially, having your vehicle shipped frees up a lot of time and allows you to better plan your move.

Long drives can also be mentally and physically exhausting, especially if you’re dealing with traffic and unfamiliar roads. By having your vehicle shipped, you won’t have to put yourself through a taxing drive. Instead, you can ship your car and take a short flight to your destination.

Less Wear and Tear on Your Car

Long drives can subject your vehicle to quite a bit of wear and tear. Not only will your tires be a lot worse for long-distance driving, but you may be putting a lot of mileage on your car.

You may want to maintain the value of your car too, and more mileage as well as more wear and tear, can significantly decrease its resale value. When you choose to ship your vehicle, you don’t have to worry about putting miles on your car or mechanical issues that could happen during the long drive.

When you make a long drive, you may be stressed and tired. This can lead to possible accidents. Moving is a particularly stressful time in people’s lives, and you don’t want to be making long-distance drives when your mind is all over the place. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by your move and feeling a little spread thin, consider shipping your vehicle instead.

Avoiding a long drive will also help you save on repair expenses afterwards. You may need to replace your tires and your brake pads, for instance. Although shipping your vehicle costs more upfront, you will be saving money in the long run.

Safe Shipping

When you choose to ship your vehicle, you’ll have peace of mind that your vehicle will be safely shipped to your city of choice. Vehicle shipping companies offer secure methods to minimize any damage during transit. They are also insured in the event a collision or accident does occur.

If you have a luxury car, you can sign up for an enclosed carrier to ship your vehicle. This option shields your car from harsh weather elements, such as the sun, hail, or even snow.

Another thing to think about is theft. If you have to stop for a break in a location that seems sketchy, you may have to worry about your car getting vandalized or even stolen. However, when you choose to ship your vehicle, the shipping company implements tracking systems and security measures to monitor each vehicle.


Your moving needs may be rather specific. You may have more than one vehicle, you may need expedited shipping, and you may need storage options when the vehicle arrives at its final destination. A professional shipping company can provide customized solutions to your needs.

It’s also a very simple process. You get a quote and book your order, the shipping company picks up your vehicle, and you receive your vehicle at your chosen destination.


In conclusion, vehicle shipping is a safe and secure alternative to driving your car. It also makes sense when you have multiple cars you need to transport or if you’re particularly worried about your vintage car. What’s more, you’ll save on gas, hotel fees, and restaurants.

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