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When you’re getting ready to celebrate an occasion or milestone, you want everything to be perfect. You want your event or day to be memorable for all the right reasons. One of the areas that can have an impact on your celebration is the venue. If a venue isn’t suitable for holding your celebration, it can end up being a hinderance and it can negatively influence the success of an event that you’ve spent months planning. To ensure that this doesn’t happen, you need to focus on finding the right venue, the first time around.

The Location Matters

Start by looking at the location, because where a venue is located is important. You want a beautiful event venue for celebrations that’s easy to locate, and easily accessible. You don’t want a venue in a location that’s difficult for guests and attendees to find. You want a location that’s as central as possible, and that’s well-connected to local transport links. If accessibility or location is an issue, it can put off your guests from attending.

The Type of Venue and Size

What numbers are you looking at for your event? Narrowing down the guest list as soon as you can is crucial, as this will help determine what size venue you need. For instance, your guestlist may be quite large, and you may need to look at larger venues (or those that can accommodate larger numbers). As well as considering size and numbers, you must also think about the type of venue you want. Do you want a venue or facility that has experience in catering to your type of celebration? 

Availability and Cost

The cost of hiring a venue for a day, or for the evening may be one of your biggest outlays, so you need to make sure you get it right. Comparing costs and looking at what you get included in the cost is important. Venues should be clear about their pricing. If a venue is in high demand, it can have an impact on the cost, and on the availability too. Checking a venue’s availability early on, and even paying a reservation deposit will help you secure your perfect venue.

Food and Beverage Packages on Offer

What food and beverages will you require at your celebration or event, and most importantly, what packages are on offer at a venue? Not all venues can offer a variety of packages, choice, and selection, and this can have an impact on which venue you ultimately select. Decide what party food and drink you want to have at your celebration, and then see if a venue can accommodate your requirements. Some venues may provide in-house catering while others may allow you to arrange your own.

Visiting Venues if Possible

If you get the opportunity to visit a venue (or even tour it remotely) you must take up this opportunity. Seeing how a venue looks when it’s set up for a celebration, and getting a feel for the atmosphere can help you to make the right choice.

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