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Halibuy Fashion Review

We don’t see offline window shopping, anymore do we? Especially in the case of clothes, people are buying clothes and accessories online. It seems like it has been ages since offline shopping was still a thing. With the crazy number of online shopping portals, window shopping has become an online experience. While online shopping has great benefits and convenience, there are some drawbacks to it.  We will take the example of Halibuy Fashion Review in this article.

It Is quite difficult to know which portal is genuine and which is aiming to steal your money. The risk with such portals has significantly gone up due to the use of the internet. E-commerce sites, apart from a few, are known for scamming shoppers. But is there a way to counter this? Can you know for real which is genuine and which is fake?

Online shopping has grown multiple times ever since the pandemic began. People are now more comfortable shopping from their homes rather than going out and buying clothes. While sites such as Amazon, Flipkart, and Myntra, etc., are established e-commerce giants worthy of trust, a lot of new sites aren’t. These new sites often trick you with genuine-looking pages, products, and attractive landing pages.

Halibuy Fashion

Halibuy Fashion is an online fashion brand that started in 2018. What started as a cosmetic business is now a full-fledged fashion store for people, especially women, to get clothes.  It has achieved huge growth over the last couple of years and works all year to deliver the best clothes and customer service to people.

Unlike other big companies, Halibuy is actually a small team that handles the whole operation. It started its operation in Halifax, Canada, as a solo initiative by its founder Vanessa.

Halibuy now ships worldwide and has a range of clothing options. You can buy tops, swimwear and much more on their site.

Is It Fake or Genuine?

Halibuy fashion has more than 95 thousand followers on Instagram. It also has customer service that works round the clock. It has been marketed and reviewed by several influencers and social media personnel. Not only are there picture reviews available for everyone to see, but the general consensus is also that the clothes are nice.

They have over 900 user reviews on looks and many more reviews through fashion bloggers and vloggers.  It is definitely a brand that has grown in terms of its presence. The clothes are affordable, and the material is quite nice as well. Whether it is for a casual night out or a date night, you get a lot of variety of clothes to select. Depending on whether you intend to someone or be comfortable while solving an escape room or mystery room, you are spoilt for choice.

As far as the question of being fake or genuine goes, it is definitely a genuine site. But how do you identify that? What are the signs to see which such instances are fake or genuine? Well, below are a few ways to find that out.

How to know if it is fake or genuine?

The harsh reality is that a lot of websites are really out there just to scam you. And it can be difficult to find out what is real and what is fake. Once you buy something, it might be impossible to get your money back.

A lot of shoppers lose out on their money each year on these sites, which can become pretty hard to track once they go offline. Below are some warning signs to know whether a site is fake or genuine.

1. Poor Reviews 

This goes without saying, but you wish to find whether a site is clean or not. This is because reviews can sometimes tell you the thing you need to know.  Halibuy fashion has been lucky in getting a lot of user and influencer reviews. Not only does this let you know that reviews are genuine, but it also helps you in knowing what the company is about.

However, that is not all; reviews will not tell you the entire story either. A lot of times, these reviews can be bought. This leads to the high rating and glowing reviews and recommendations. Beware of such reviews. Make sure the reviews are done by actual users. If something is too good to be true, it usually is the case.

2. Unusual discounts 

A lot of people fall victim to this. You see the ‘70%’ discount tag, and your brain stops working. It is not uncommon to find a lot of random e-commerce websites, especially clothing businesses, to do this. A lot of products shown are not actually theirs to sell, and hence, an unusual amount of discount tag can be applied to them.

3. Dysfunctional site 

If a ‘popular’ fashion store you come across seems to have spelling mistakes, weird UI/UX, and glitches, stay away. Even if it is a known website, it is best not to shop from such sites. This often means that the website is not properly built and has dangerous elements attached to it. You do not want to reveal your bank details on such sites.  Don’t be attracted by landing pages, as they often can be made to attract you.

4. New Website or suspicious names 

Not a lot of time is spent in naming a fraudulent site. Nor do they spend a lot of time thinking of a domain name. Oftentimes, you can check the internet for details on such websites. Use the way back machine to find the date of establishment or simply stay away from suspicious domain names

5. Lack of policy terms and contact Information 

A clear red flag is the absence or disregard of policy terms. Often these shady sites refrain from showing such terms and conditions. If they do show them, you can just glance at them and find that they are copied and usually framed.

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Another red flag is wrong contact information. If there are multiple social media handles given, check them out and see their pages. Check their activities. If a number is given, you can make a query call to see if anyone responds. If the information provided simply is wrong and misleading, avoid such sites and report them.


In conclusion, halibuy fashion avoids these red flags and has shown to be a genuine site that is doing quite well for its size of operation. It seems the general online consensus is that the Halibuy fashion is a satisfactory place to shop. Not only do they quickly respond to requests and concerns, but they also have a good genuine customer base that you can easily find. Thus, they are not reviewed by bots or paid reviewers.

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