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Android Tracker

Who would have thought that finding a trustworthy babysitter would be even a tough job than finding a job for ourselves?  As the days of my wife joining the office again after the leave came nearer, one of the biggest concerns for both of us was how to find a babysitter. If you know about the struggle, this is an extremely stressful job. Every time you interview a babysitter you think maybe this is it but you still want to go for another chance or round that’s how you miss many good babysitters. There is no stop to searching for the best. Well, we don’t even know if we have selected the best until we have our experience with her or him. Yes although the ratio of male babysitters is relatively low still they are there. 

After dozens of interviews and all, we selected a girl who was short of money for her college so she was doing it part-time. The best thing was that she had experience and even certificates but, on the other hand, she was young and that was somehow a negative point according to my wife. So, in short, she was near to firing her again and we are almost at the urge of going back to square one in search of the babysitter department when I had a brilliant idea. The idea would save us both from starting another session of interviews and will prove if the girl is good or bad and last but not least it will make sure that the mother will be in control and satisfied with the services. 

I am not here to portrait my wife as paranoid. Her fears are real and concerning. I mean 

  • 4.2% reported criminal charges against children less than 6 years old involved babysitters. 

Thus I thought of giving her full support and satisfaction. We all know the use of android tracker apps can let you know about many things about the target and that too in detail. So I planned to use the same technology for the babysitters. I know it is not legal to use the spy app on the personal gadget of citizens. So we think of this as an employer and employee relationship. We gave the babysitter an android after installing an OgyMogy the android tracker in it. So far as the employer is monitoring the employee through an employer-owned device it is fine and legal. Ultimately this was all for the sake of the satisfaction of our wife and am glad we took that step.

Here is how an android tracker was a great help for us parents to keep a check on our children.

  1. The GPS location tracking feature lets the user know about the real-time location of the target person. Thus when she was out for a quick grocery check-In, my wife noticed and called her right away. The kid wanted the flavored milk and she got out to get it.
  2. You can use the front and rear camera of the target device to capture the surrounding environment. The camera bug feature is a real blessing as we can catch them doing random stuff from time to time and don’t make ourselves the paranoid parent who doesn’t trust the babysitter and call 3 times in 30 minutes to check on the kid. 
  3. The mic’s bug feature lets the user know about the surrounding voices of the target person as well. You can listen to them talking and know if the babysitter is letting the kid watch too much TV or Youtube. You can even know about any unexpected company as well with the help of the OgyMogy android tracker.
  4. If you are paranoid about the babysitter and think that he or she might make your house as some party place and call the friends then you can keep a check on it.  OgyMogy let the user have access to the incoming and outgoing call record of the target employee. You can know about any spam call inside the working hours and find the details.
  5. My wife doesn’t want anyone to capture a photo of your child. You can even have access to the target photo gallery to check all the videos and photos saved on the device. 

In short, we are at so much ease after getting the OgyMogy android tracker.

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