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On WhatsApp, messages are sent and received more than 100 billion times daily. Isn’t it true that WhatsApp has progressively assimilated well into everyone’s lives? WhatsApp has made communication simple for all parties involved, whether a person is seeking to contact a buddy in the US or a company connecting with a local client.

WhatsApp Business API is ideal if your business provides worldwide services and you want to interact with consumers immediately and cost-free. 

Due to quick technological improvements, customers are becoming more used to completing purchases at the touch of their mobile displays. However, companies may now successfully conclude their virtual sales are owing to WhatsApp and its chatbot services. 

The past several years have fundamentally altered the way that customers make purchases. But when things return to normal, these adjustments will affect their online and in-person interactions with retailers.

A list of essential, crucial components for using WhatsApp Business API to boost sales is provided below:

Use Facebook advertisements to your advantage

When generating traffic for your WhatsApp business profile, Facebook is a crucial channel. Using “Click-to-WhatsApp” advertising is all you need to do! 

Making a Facebook business advertisement with a “Send Message” button might help you launch brief WhatsApp conversations. In turn, this tends to quicken the purchasing process and boost conversions. You must make sure, among other things, that your WhatsApp account is linked to your Facebook page.


WhatsApp has unrealized potential as a marketing tool. Since it functions similarly to the BCC functionality in emails, you may use the “Broadcast” tool to give your clients promotional or informational items without jeopardizing their privacy. 

Additionally, you can be confident that you’ll only focus on interesting leads because you require your customers’ permission to send them WhatsApp messages.

You may communicate details about promotions and flash sales using the “Status” function. An updated status may be utilized to capitalize on your customers’ sense of scarcity and boost conversions because it is only visible to users for 24 hours.

QR marketing

With WhatsApp’s “click to talk” function, you may initiate a conversation with a user without saving their phone number. Customers who want the phone numbers of only some companies they deal with might benefit from this. Using the tool, you can produce a link that can later be transformed into a QR code.

Alternatively, you may print your QR code on posters or marketing materials. By scanning the QR code with their smartphone, customers may discuss if it piques their interest.

Provide product displays

WhatsApp lets you immediately transmit product demonstrations to your consumers because of its extensive media features. You may share various photographs and instructional videos with your viewers to provide them with high-quality information about your product or service. 

The path to generating interest in your good or service is made evident through product demonstrations. Additionally, they let you react to various product-related questions just when a potential customer needs your help—better business interaction results from this, which raises conversion rates.

Boost company visibility

Setting up a WhatsApp business profile is the first step to selling your business on WhatsApp. You should acquire a new phone number that will be used only for business. 

After installing and using the app, you need to authenticate your phone number, choose a company name, and upload a profile image. You may then access the “settings” area to configure:

  • Your hours of operation.
  • As soon as a consumer starts a chat, you must send them a welcome message.
  • Quick answers to your clients’ frequently asked questions.

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