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corona virus

Medical Officer at FCP Medical is aware that there are people who might have already contracted covid-19 without knowing it. This is possible because it is spreading rapidly. The continuous changes in the variants of the covid-19 show a variety of symptoms. There are some approved and common symptoms that you will experience if you have already had it. This article will help you in letting you know if you were exposed to covid-19. 

Brain Fog

Experts have been suggesting that covid-19 can cause a strong impact on your memory. It decreases the cognitive ability of your brain. The functions related to memory tracking reduces. If you are experiencing any brain fog, it can be due to covid-19. Many people who were affected by covid-19 said that they had a hard time focusing. They were unable to do the daily chores. There is a reduction in their concentrating patterns. It is common to experience confusion and an inability to focus on your work. If you had any of these symptoms, it means that you had Covid-19. The after-effects also persist. If you still experience these signs, you must consult your physician at FCP Medical to get yourself a checkup for covid-19.

An Unusual Cough

The unusual cough is the most experienced symptom of covid-19. If you had any changes in your voice along with the episodes of cough, you must have covid-19. The cough usually occurring in this condition is dry. The intensity and the duration of this cough might be different from other coughs. Patients who recovered from it say that it took them weeks and sometimes months to get rid of it. If you are still experiencing a rough voice, it can be due to covid-19. This symptom is usually lingering, and it will probably stay around for many weeks. The reason behind this cough is that covid-19 is a respiratory infection, and it will affect the integrity of your lungs. You can also get yourself checked to know if your cough is the same as the one experienced by covid-19 patients.

Experiencing High Temperature 

If you have experienced changes in the temperature of your body, you might have covid-19. The attacks of this virus can cause an increase the body temperature. The ranges for these levels may fluctuate. It is among the most common factors experienced by people with covid-19. The temperature rise is common around the chest and back area. If you suffered from this, you must have had it. Another thing to know is that the temperature keeps on changing. The patients also experience chills along with the changing temperature. It stays within 99-103 Fahrenheit. The continuous changes in temperature along with cough must be taken seriously.

Sudden Loss Of Taste And Smell

If you suffer from the sudden loss of your smell and taste sensations at any point during this pandemic, you must have covid-19. It is one of the strong indicators of people having covid-19. The covid-19 infection has the strong ability to impair the senses of smell and taste for you. It does so by affecting the olfactory nerve functioning. Some people only experience this, so they think they don’t have covid-19. The loss of smell and taste can persist for a long time. Even after you have recovered from covid-19, the loss of smell and taste will stay with you. Most patients who recovered from the virus got their taste and smell back after a month or even longer. If you are smelling pungent odors or unusual smells without any reason, this can also be a mark for you having covid-19 already.

Shortness Of Breath

If you are enduring shortness of breath, it means that you have been attacked by the coronavirus. This virus directly hits your respiratory system. The infection starts spreading in the body and causes shortness of breath. Patients with the coronavirus always complain about dyspnea. The shortness of breath comes with the feeling of tightness in the chest as well. If you felt that tightness in your chest along with palpitations, then you must have covid-19. Medical professionals will suggest you take the test for Covid-19 if you are experiencing this.

Tiredness And Excessive Fatigue

The relation between tiredness and covid-19 is very strong. Medical workers strongly agree that fatigue is a common symptom of this infection. If you were fatigued enough to not being able to do the activities of your daily life, you must have Covid-19. The infection causes the loss of energy in your body and takes you the bed. Patients with coronavirus come with excruciating pain in the body. The fatigue persists for a long time. The body aches also cause a decrease in the ability to even walk as well. If you experienced the same for more than 3-4 days, it clearly means that you had coronavirus.

Gastrointestinal Problems

If you experienced the symptoms of diarrhea and stomach aches, you must have had it in the past. Current studies have shown that the virus has a great impact on your gastrointestinal activity as well. Loss of appetite also comes with these symptoms. Many patients only experienced this. In the early days of the spread of the infections, patients are likely to experience these symptoms. If, at any point, you lost your appetite and your stomach was giving you a hard time, it was Covid. The virus can attack the linings of your digestive tract. This results in the occurrence of diarrhea and vomiting. Some people even suffer from gastrointestinal bleeding as well.  

Medical Officer at FCP Medical has described the symptoms that show that you had Covid without knowing it. These signs include shortness of breath and an unusual cough. Excessive fatigue and tiredness that restrict you from staying in bed are other indications that you had Covid. If your body had high temperatures and you experienced the loss of smell and taste, you just had it. People also complain about brain fog and the constant dry cough.

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