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Diamond Stores

Jewelry can be a valuable and sentimental part of your wardrobe. Only professionals should handle any repair, maintenance, or resizing. Diamond stores have skilled, experienced staff and the right tools for safe and accurate repairs. Here are some common jewelry repairs done by diamond stores and why they are beneficial:

Ring Resizing

Jewelers resize rings by adding or removing material to make them fit correctly. The job should be done correctly to maintain the jewelry’s integrity. Some diamond stores have the expertise and tools necessary for this.

Ring resizing is done for various reasons. Rings may need to be adjusted when first purchased to fit the bride’s finger. A change in finger size due to weight loss or gain, medical issues, or pregnancy can also require adjusting the ring size.

The first step in resizing is to measure the ring size and then either be stretched or cut. Gold can be added when stretching without affecting the ring’s integrity. If it is being cut down, the ring must be soldered together carefully so there’s no seam. Once that’s done, they polish and clean the ring to look perfect.

Resizing jewelry at a diamond store can improve fit and comfort and increase durability and aesthetic appeal.

Clasp Repair or Replacement

Chain and clasp repair or replacement is a common jewelry repair job. Jewelers should have experience with different types of clasps and know how to attach them to the necklace or bracelet. 

Clasp and chain issues often occur from regular wear and tear. Jewelers can help repair or replace your necklace or bracelet. If there are pendants or beads, the jeweler can assist in putting them back onto the chain before repairing the clasp.

Engraving Services

Engraving is a popular request for jewelry that can be done at a diamond store. It involves adding personalized messages, initials, or symbols to the surface of a piece of jewelry. They can be used as gifts or souvenirs to express sentiment and create a unique piece.

Engraving techniques vary depending on the material and desired design. Hand-engraving uses a sharp tool to make intricate lines, shapes, and patterns on the metal surface. Laser engraving etches designs onto hard materials like gold or platinum. Jewelry experts can create a lasting piece you will cherish for years.

Chain and Bracelet Repairs

Common issues with chains and bracelets include broken or loose links, worn-out clasps, distorted pieces, and dirt and debris buildup. Jewelery stores have the tools to replace or repair damaged parts. They have ways to clean your jewelry to help it last longer.

Necklace repair could be as easy as reattaching chains or fixing links, but if the chain is braided, it may require soldering to get a strong bond so it won’t break again. They can also add or take out links to resize your bracelet or necklace for a better fit. 

Diamond Stores for Superior Jewelry Repair

In jewelry repair, jewelry stores offer the best services and results. Customers can trust that their jewelry will be restored quickly and accurately. A professional jeweler’s services can make your jewelry look best and last years. 

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