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Rugs for Kids

Kids are messy. They spill their drinks, drop their food, and track mud into the house on their shoes. Kids will do anything to have fun. Sometimes that means they’ll make a mess, and sometimes that means they’ll be jumping up and down on your rug. It’s important to get the right rug for your home if you want it to last through those tough times with kids. You have two options: a rug that will show every spot or a rug that will pick up all the dirt and dust from kids’ shoes like magic! The latter option is the best choice for busy homes with kids. It’ll save you time and energy in cleaning not only because it’ll vacuum everything but also because it’ll make your floors less slippery for both adults and children. Plus, there are so many different types of rugs that can be found online with different prices for any budget; this makes shopping area rugs super easy! Click here to read more about what kind of rugs are best for home with kids!

Consider the Age of Your Baby

The basic aspect is the age of the baby. Is your kid just born or crawling or already walking? Check the number of hours that your baby is awake and choose a rug accordingly. For crawling babies, rugs with large patterns or raised textures are best to make it easier for them to move around without having an accident; they’re also perfect if you have small pets. For children who walk, runners are great for a no-fuss solution.

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For children up to about six months old, go with soft and fluffy rugs that have lots of nooks and crannies or other textures on the surface – this will give your baby’s feet something to grip onto as they learn how to crawl. For older babies (up until about six months old), go with soft and fluffy rugs that have lots of nooks and crannies or other textures on the surface – this will give your baby’s feet something to grip onto as they learn how to crawl.

Go for a Safe Material

When choosing a rug, make sure that you focus on the safety of the material. If it contains substances like lead or other harmful chemicals, they will get into your child’s skin and could be fatal in large enough doses (especially if ingested). Opt for those rugs made of wool or cotton, look for organic materials – these are the most likely to be free from harmful substances. Standards of hygiene and cleanliness also need to be considered when choosing a rug for your child’s room. It must fit in with the rest of your home in terms of style and size; however, you must consider how much time your child will spend on the rug. If they are crawling and playing around, it is best to have a soft, non-fibrous surface underfoot that can be easily cleaned. The durability of the material also needs to be considered in relation to how often you need to clean – if kids spill food or drink on the rug, it will need to be washed or cleaned more often. Go for an easy to clean and durable material such as wool, which can be washed regularly and doesn’t show dirt or spills. Kids’ rugs should also be hypo-allergenic and not make the room a dust magnet.

Avoid Rugs that are Dyed Synthetically

Kids put things most of the time in their mouths, and many synthetically dyed rugs use harmful chemicals (such as formaldehyde) when they are made. The long-term effects of these harsh substances on the body haven’t been studied extensively yet, but it’s best to avoid them if possible. These dyes are more likely to stain a rug, so it may not be worth the risk. For a home with kids, you’ll want to look for rugs that are hypo-allergenic and durable enough to withstand food spills or drinks from little ones. Avoid dyed synthetically colored synthetic materials if possible.

Better to Consider Full Coverage

Room coverage is an important consideration when shopping for rugs. A rug that does not meet your needs can have a big impact on the look and feel of your room, so it’s best to do the math ahead of time. The floor size and your desired rug size must be considered, so measure the area you want to cover before shopping for a new floor covering. For kids, it’s better to consider the full coverage as it provides the kids complete safety and less chances of tripping over the rug. It is also easier to vacuum because the rug will cover more of the square footage.

Go for a Colorful Rug

The color scheme for the kids’ room can be a lot of fun. Consider adding bright, bold tones that will support the mood you want to create for your child. Kids love bright colors and can quickly learn patterns while absorbing new information at a significant rate. The rug can also be a teaching aid if you opt for a numeral or letter rug. It’s also important that you consider the durability of your rugs for kids as well. With increased traffic and use, it is vital to make sure they can stand up to wear and tear while maintaining their appearance with minimal effort on your part. Kids are often more active than adults, so be prepared for more wear and tear.

Fantasy is Key

Kids have unlimited imaginations, so getting rugs with whimsical themes like dragons or fairies is important. These styles can transport your child to a different world and can even be educational. The colors of your rug should be bright and bold, but not so much that it’s overwhelming for the child. Many kids are sensitive to different colors, so you don’t want them to feel overwhelmed by the intensity of certain hues.

Be Practical

There is a time when every kid will spill something on their rug. This can create stains and other damage to the fibers of your rug that may be difficult or impossible to get out. Before buying a rug for kids, make sure it’s stain-resistant and durable, so spills don’t ruin its beauty too quickly!

Fungi Resistance

Kids have an affinity for exploring the indoors and outdoors, so you must account for this when searching for rugs with kids in mind. Indoor construction materials are porous, which means they attract dust mites and fungi. This is not something you want to have in your home. Look for rugs resistant to fungi, such as those made with natural fibers and outdoor nylon materials.

On a Nutshell

The rug is a beautiful addition to any room and your child’s favorite place to play. But it can also be the perfect surface for children to learn, explore, take their first steps on all fours, or balance on one foot. With varieties of area rugs available at RugKnots and various textures and materials, finding the right rug that will suit your needs while still providing adequate safety features can be tricky. Fortunately, we have researched this area and are happy to share our findings with you! We hope these tips help guide you as you search for quality flooring options for your home.

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