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Decorating for Christmas is usually one of the things people look forward to during the holidays. The break from work and time spent with family should go towards doing fun stuff like shopping for gifts, getting the decoration items ready and generally having the time of your life. So, why is it that almost every home looks the same during Christmas and very different on other days? Since you’d want to do things different this time, try the following tips to make your Christmas décor more unique.

Play Around with Different Types of Christmas Lights

Your choice of lighting affects how your home eventually looks. Choosing Christmas lights shouldn’t just be for the Christmas tree. Instead, try thinking outside the box and get more unique lighting to accentuate your home and create a timeless Christmas mood. Temporary LED wall lightings are all the rave as you can shift them around the house to add a warmth that will spread the Christmas cheers. Even your choice of Christmas tree light should be less traditional and more geared towards enhancing mood. The trick is to go for incandescent lights that go well with the overall decorations around the tree and add floor lighting, wall lighting and even artificial candle lighting on corners and less traversed spaces in the room. 

Don’t aim for Perfect Christmas Trees

When it comes to your choice of Christmas trees, the traditional approach was to get something symmetrical and near perfect. However, imperfection can also add some character, especially if you are trying out different types of decorations. The little imperfections such as poor symmetry, stunt growth, and even excess shedding can also make your Christmas décor more unique and timeless. You just need to figure out how to manage the little imperfections by using nonconventional decorations. 

For example, for the asymmetrical trees, you don’t have to balance out the lighting, rather you can arrange the lighting to make the imperfections seem like a part of the decoration. Balancing out the Christmas lights may seem like the right thing to do, but by adding more unique lightings such as glass lights, stars and fake snow, your tree will look more natural and enhance the overall theme.

Go Retro

There is an influx of artificial trees and LED lights, but a more retro look might be the answer to a more unique Christmas décor. The idea is to create a vintage look that will draw people to your Christmas décor.  Nothing says retro more than including a miniature manger right in your home. After all, Christmas is all about Christ and you would want people to know how invested you are in the holidays by bringing a bit of the storyline into your decoration. This doesn’t mean you have to go all religious, but you could add more character to your overall decoration by adding more meaning to it. 

The idea is to make your home the ideal image of what Christmas should look and feel like. Make it more memorable with some gift tokens and candy. 

How to Deck the Halls for Christmas with Minimal Effort

Add a festive touch to the foyer to make visitors feel right at home. Just one panel of wallpaper under a side table or on one wall may make a huge difference in a space, and it shouldn’t take more than a roll of wallpaper. Add some seasonal touches to your console table. You may make your home seem more festive by filling vases with greenery and red berries, hanging ornaments from a mirror, wrapping gifts in festive paper, lighting aromatic candles, and lighting incense.

Create unique Christmas crackers

Forget about buying expensive gourmet crackers and make your own. Fillable crackers are reasonably priced, and they may be customized with a special present or surprise for each guest.

You may personalize the crackers for each visitor by writing their names in gold ink on the ribbons that hold them together. Paper crowns, chocolate coins, and quirky quips or mime ideas are all great ways to liven up Christmas lunch.

Decorations should be made of paper and should be quite large

Put up a show-stopping exhibit without breaking the bank. Hanging a series of inexpensive paper ornaments or folding fans from the ceiling is a simple way to spruce up the blank square footage above a couch or sideboard without breaking the bank.

If you want to make a statement, go with a bold palette, but if you want to keep things simple, stick to white paper boards or bits of one color. Hang your ornaments on a variety of lengths of colorful chain or thin ribbon to provide visual flair. A few thumb tacks and you’ve got yourself the ideal Christmas decoration for your living room!

Make tasty snacks for the party

Instead of buying cookies to use as place settings, bake them yourself to save money. Make individual biscuits out of gingerbread or shortcake and frost them in white. When you have a steady hand, you can even pipe on visitors’ names. Sprinkle the table with tastier snacks. Stacks of pomegranates, apples, and berries, along with other seasonal fruits, will look beautiful and smell fantastic if lined up around a center table runner.

String lights and ornaments up the banister

This is a fantastic and easy Christmas hallway decoration idea that we’re excited to use. Decorate the metal railings with a sparkling garland to draw attention to the staircase and make it the main point of the hallway. Rather than stringing ornaments to the top of the stairwell, a simple cascade at the top will do the trick when illuminated by a string of tiny Christmas lights plugged into the garland. A couple pieces of braided rope tied around some unbreakable ornaments may be looped over through the bottom of the staircase or over the newel post to create a festive display.

You may use any extra ribbon to display holiday cards

A hanging display is a great alternative to a shelf if you want to show off your favorite holiday cards but don’t have the room. The best ribbon to use is a scrap from a previous holiday season. Make use of a wide range of ribbons, both in terms of color palette and width, and in terms of the lengths at which they are cut. Then, using tiny tacks, secure each segment to a board or poster rail. Add a little something extra by securing the cards with micro pegs and decorating the ends of the ribbons with tiny baubles or bells.

Create a low-cost and upbeat holiday decoration

Installing a series of brightly wrapped gifts from a natural twig or pole makes for a simple but eye-catching wall decoration for a narrow corridor or passage. This is a terrific way to recycle scraps of wrapping paper and ribbon while also providing a pretty way to showcase tiny gifts and presents for loved ones. Just use a few strong wall hooks to hold your pole or branch.

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