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Custom Hanging Signs

The development and the rise in new-age technologies have not been limited to only certain fields. But they have been extended to many other fields, including advertisements. This enables the various options and types that you can find for custom hanging signs.

A few of them are discussed further. So, without any further ado, please continue scrolling to know more about the types of hanging signs.

Acrylic Hanging Signs 

They present a very elegant and polished modern business or promotional image. When you want to create high-end designer hanging signs for your business or promotional activities, acrylic hanging signs are the first choice. 

The acrylic listing is fully customizable. You can customize the acrylic hanging signs in any size, shape, color, or style. A three-dimensional look can also be provided to these hangings by using a few layers of thick acrylic that can highlight the beauty of the signage.

Foam Core Super Suspension Signs

These kinds of signages are well suited for retail applications and other indoor hanging signs. Foam Core Ultra is far superior to traditional foam cores because each sheet of paper is covered with a thin, strong, and very soft plastic. 

It stands out from the crowd due to its features of being more resistant to scratches, wrinkles, and broken corners. With its waterproof properties and durability, it is easy to handle, install and transport. And with proper storage, it can be used over and over again and remains for a longer period.

PVC Listing Signages

This is one of the most popular options for interior listing. PVC is ideal for indoor applications due to its lightweight and abundant customization options. 

The market offers three different thicknesses of PVC and people can choose according to their requirements. Combining different thicknesses of PVC, you can create a distinctive three-dimensional hanging sign. 

PVC hanging signs are available in any shape, size or style, and have always been the standard for high-quality indoor hanging signs. We do not recommend using PVC outdoors, as temperature and climate changes will cause material deformation. 

Hanging Banner Signs 

The major advantage is that they are inexpensive and one of the most widely used hanging signs on the market today. Banner signs are great hanging signs, not only because of their lightweight but also because they are very simple to install. There are so many finishing options, with which you can customize your poster hanging sign with perfect hardware leading to proper installation. 

These hanging banner signs are made with bright colors, clear details, and clear and easy-to-read text. These hanging signs have glossy finishes or more conservative matte banner materials. It is one of the best custom hanging design

Carved Hanging Signs 

Are you interested in adding personal style to any commercial or personal space? Then, carved hangings can be the best option. The engraved hanging signs are made of metal, plastic, and acrylic. 

Provide a wide range of engraving materials and colors, and hanging signs can be customized to reflect your business or personal taste. Hanging engraved signs are an excellent choice for work organization and general commercial or promotional advertising. 

Hanging Aluminum Signs 

These signs can be seen everywhere simply because they are effective. Aluminum hanging signs are the best and cost-effective solution for promoting your business. Because our custom aluminum hanging signs are available in five thicknesses, you can choose the thickness that suits your application, climate, or installation location. These kind of aluminum hanging signs are available in many shapes such as square, rectangle, and vertical rectangle along with other custom shapes. 

A custom-shaped hanging sign will surely turn its head in the sky full of competitors and their traditional marking methods. When a lightweight and durable hanging sign is required, an alumina hanging sign is usually chosen. 

Dibond Hanging Signs 

These are some of the strongest hanging signs. Dibond is made of a solid plastic core between two solid aluminum plates. The plastic core increases the thickness, body, and rigidity of the hanging sign, but it is still very light. 

Due to the lightweight of the Dibond hanging sign, it is easy to install, install or hang. When designing your Dibond pendant logo, the options are limitless.Since Dibond hanging signs are rust-proof, waterproof, anti-corrosion, and chemical resistant, they are well suited for indoor and outdoor applications. 

Coroplast Hanging Signs

The logos made up of Coroplast allows you to promote your business or event to a large audience at an affordable cost. The design and printing of our Coroplast hanging logo exceed your personal or business needs. 

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Coroplast, also known as “plastic cartons,” is very suitable for repeated use indoors and outdoors, allowing you to always stay ahead of the competition. 


Thus, all these are the different kinds of signages that are available along with their usage. So, please spend some quality time and choose the best type which satisfies your requirements.

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