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Maternal Mortality

Despite better health care decisions, innovations, and technology, there are high maternal mortality rate statistics. The recent increase in maternal mortality rate has caused mothers to have a lot of anxiety and worries during their pregnancy and birth. The causes range from factors before, during, and after childbirth. Proper care and understanding of the causes help the patients and doctors to focus on the solutions and better experiences.

Here are the causes of the high maternal mortality rates in c-sections.

Blood Loss

Pregnant women lose around 1000 milliliters of blood during c-sections because of the numerous cut blood and uterine vessels accessing the fetus. Excessive blood loss from complications like postpartum hemorrhaging, lacerations, or atony poses major risks to the mother’s health. Health experts are keen to monitor any difficulties that may increase blood loss, causing death during the surgery. Using a c-section drape helps them maintain proper hygiene and care during the process.

Blood Clot

The possibility of blood clots after c-sections occurs due to minimal movements after the surgery. Blood clots form in the mother’s legs or pelvic area and get transported to the lungs causing pulmonary embolism. This occurrence increases when the mother is either overweight, if she had a complicated surgery, or if she had an extended period of bed rest after the surgery.

Organ Damage

Incisions might tear into other blood vessels when the baby is large. Organs like the uterus or bladder may be damaged or unintentionally get infected during surgery. Proper hygiene while using a c-section drape allows doctors to have a successful and organized surgery without complications.

Complications After C-Sections That Increase Maternal Mortality Rate

Improper post-surgery care causes complications, leading to additional surgeries, medications, and death. Here are the risks after a c-section that can be dangerous:

Emotional Challenges

The fourth trimester poses many challenges to women who’ve had c-sections. Some mothers get postpartum depression due to motherhood and recovery. With the new and innovative C-section drape products, doctors initiate mother-baby contact by using the drape to help with bonding and recovery. They give patients and doctors additional ways to achieve the overall goal of reducing maternal mortality.

Wound Infection

A post-surgery wound infection affecting the outer skin layers, the uterus, or other organs may be dangerous to the mother’s health. The aggressiveness of the bacteria can cause the formation of abscesses or spread to other organs causing severe infections, hospitalization, and maternal death. With early identification and proper care, you help in containing such issues.


Sepsis is when the postpartum infection spreads throughout the mother’s body. Women who’ve had cesarean surgeries should be quick to act on fever or uterine or vaginal infections within the first ten postpartum days. They should raise these concerns to the doctor at the first signs of illness before it spreads throughout the body. When it spreads, it makes them difficult to treat and causes death. C-section drapes help maintain a sterile environment reducing the chances of infections and inflammations.


C-section endometriosis forms on the incision scar. The bacteria move to the endometrium lining during, before, or after the surgery, causing an infection. This causes inflammation and the formation of scar tissues between organs, causing a lot of pain and discomfort. The most common treatment procedure is through antibiotics or hysterectomy. Raise these signs of infection early to avoid spreading and causing sepsis.

Dealing With Maternal Mortality Rate

These are the primary causes of the rise in maternal mortality rate from c-sections. Understanding these c-section complications during and after the process helps health experts and mothers prepare for childbirth. Simple solutions that increase success through a more sterile and cleaner environment with competent professionals help reduce these numbers.

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