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Desert Safari Dubai

Finally, decided where you are going to spend your vivacious vacations? If your choice is Dubai, then we must appreciate you made a wise decision! As Dubai is well known for keeping nature’s jaw-dropping asset, one can never plan for a Dubai visit without wanting to spend holidays in Desert Safari Dubai. The spellbound red dunes, the inspirational Arabian culture, and the boundless golden covering on the land of Arabs; make the visitors dynamically get attracted to their vicinities.

8 Reasons To Try Desert Safari Dubai

If you want a break from a tiring and hustling life, and want to make memories which you long for a lifetime, Desert safari is a must-visit due to all the exclusive and enthralling activities it offers to the visitors. Here we’ve enlisted some of the compelling reasons explaining why Desert Safari is a must-visit place in Dubai. 

1. Get to Witness a Serene Panorama of Nature

In an instant, you’ll call it one of a kind! You’ll ask yourself how come a Desert could be that beautiful?! Unlocking the typical image of a place like a desert. The enticing sunset, the flight of birds in the limitless sky, erratic wildlife, dazzled blue sky at night, and several sights arresting views are deeply enchanting beyond imagination. A morning tour welcomes you with mesmerizing sunrise to forget the rest of every mess of your life. In an evening visit, you get to witness the astonishing reddening of sunset, and the overnight Safari stay makes you count your blessings twice.

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To be there at your feasible time, pick and drop in a 4×4 vehicle without buzzing your head into booking the local rides is quite an easier and more handy facility to get started with your adventure.

2. Experience Thrill to Another Level in An Exclusive Landscape

The SUV vehicles are a great means for enthusiasts to take their love of thrill out by enjoying several sports like sandboarding, camel ride, stimulating quad biking, bashing over the red Arabian dunes to seem emerging out of sand’s enthralling mess. You might have had the camel ride in your life but experiencing it over the ship of Desert’s hump is an incredible amusement. Lots of travel enthusiasts come to Dubai Desert Safari for the sole purpose of indulging themselves in super engrossing sports to live a real adventure in action.

3. Live The Highest Delight of A Nightlife

 Desert Safari is going to get into your impulses if you’ve already planned to have a stay there. Trust us, it’s a great decision for a travel freak who loves to visit iconic places of the world to create memories. Overnight Safari stay is an epic one if you are to be present there with your family, friends, or several people. Enjoy the majestic sunset and sunrise, harmonious music, entertaining belly dance, jovial bonfire and BBQ, stargazing night in the Bedouin camp, attention-grabbing incredible fire show, and luxurious dinner keeping a savoury taste to remember. Spend a hundred nights in luxury but none would be this much special.

 4. For The Love of Art And Culture 

When a traveller visits a place, he is eager to eyewitness the culture and assets of that particular place which in reality, brings him to it. The magnetizing perks for art lovers include beautiful henna painting, the cultural Tanura dance that magically turns up a mystic in you. Try out the ravishing Arabian dresses and take striking photographs to make your Dubai tour more memorable. Get to know more about Dubai, UAE, and its beautiful asset –Safari by enjoying Arab’s traditional music, local foods and drinks, shisha, and interacting with the welcoming locals to explore more of the renowned culture and lifestyle.

5. Never Miss The Opportunity to Click Hues of the Sun

We all have seen those magical sceneries of the sunset and sunrise many times on our phones, desktop screens, movies, and posters. But standing in the mid of reflecting hues of rising and setting sun on a desert-like Safari is a spellbound penetration of wisdom within. So why not take out the camera and click a wonderfully ecstatic sight? This makes Safari and Dubai exceptional privileges of nature to celebrate the love for our diversified globe. Plus it’s a great room for photographers who want to capture the most beautiful realities on earth.

6. Enjoying Camel Riding Opportunity:

Camel riding is very rare while visiting the Arabian desert. For the instant Bedouin feel, almost every traveller visit and experience this. Because from past years, this is considered a mode of transport. Along with the experience, other half travellers would love to make photo session by riding on a camel. Arranging this ride for a traveller is included as the desert safari package inclusions.

7. Experiencing the Thrilling Desert Activities:

Experiencing the thrilling activities is one of the main parts of this tour. The ride called the heart of this tour is dune bashing on high red dunes. Besides the other activities experienced on the Arabian dunes are sandboarding and Quad biking. Where for quad biking, you will be provided safety kits and training by experts. Turn on the songs on DNA Lyrics and enjoy the activities. 

8. Living a Lifestyle of the Bedouin:

This tour allows you to enjoy the lifestyle of old Bedouin. Such as what they eat, what is the mode of their transport, what is the mode of their entertainment, or why they enjoy Arabian coffee so much. Besides, you will also get to wear Arabic dresses for photography purpose.

To the dunes and back 

In the end, we highly recommend adding up visit to the Desert Safari in Dubai to your next go-to destinations list whenever you plan to visit Dubai. As it keeps the legitimate harmony of art, beauty, culture, and prodigious attractions inviting you to leave your footprints over the infinite sea of sand cloaked in gold and cherish your special moments till eternity. And lastly, select the travel package wisely so you don’t have to compromise even a little on your fun. 

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