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Like other formats of virtual events, live streaming events have become immensely popular in recent times. It is because of the advantages that it comes with. However, with their popularity comes another significant term, Live streaming services. Here, in this blog, we have compared a few of the best live streaming platforms in 2022. Have a look.

1. Dreamcast

Dreamcast is one of the best live streaming services, and for all the right reasons. It is an expert platform which delivers immersive event experiences for several brands across the globe. This platform comes with several engaging and advanced features that enable the users to deliver larger-than-life events. Let us have a look at a few of them:

  • It is a fully customizable platform that allows users to design their events according to their needs and demands.
  • It comes with several engaging features enabling the attendees to engage during the virtual event, giving them a closer-to-real experience.
  • Since most people attend events to connect with people from different industries and expand their network, Dreamcast provides networking opportunities.
  • Dreamcast understands not all your attendees are tech-savvy, and it is the reason it comes with a user-friendly interface, making it convenient for the attendees to join in.
  • Along with all the features mentioned above, it provides the users with a 360-degree live streaming experience.
  • Not only this, Dreamcast is a multi-device accessible platform, allowing the organizers to tap a wider range of audiences.

2. Instagram Live

In this world, where everything revolves around social media, we doubt if anyone doesn’t know what Instagram live is. Other than being the most used social media platform, Instagram is also known as an expert live streaming platform. This platform is known for delivering real-time content and comes with several engaging features. It is the reason, it is widely used by celebrities and influencers to connect with the audience. Let us have a look at a few reasons that make this platform one of the best Live Event Streaming Companies:

  • Out of the one billion active users, half of the users follow at least one brand’s account.
  • According to the reports, as many as 80% of Instagram users use this platform to make purchases; it enables several brands and businesses to mark their presence and enhance their audience base.
  • One of the most captivating features of this platform is that it prioritizes live videos over any other format of content. Hence, it gives an excellent opportunity to the brands to expand their brand reach.
  • Instagram live comes with several engagement features such as live comments, like features, and Q&A tools that promote two-way communication and keep the audience engaged.
  • This platform is available free of cost, making it one of the most suitable platforms for small and medium businesses to conduct their live streaming events.

3. LinkedIn Live

The Instagram for professionals, LinkedIn Live is a well known live-streaming service. The reason it is considered as one of the best Live Event Streaming Companies to conduct live streaming is that live videos are said to get 7 times more likes and 24 times more comments than regular videos. Various kinds of events that you can stream from this platform are:

  • Your organization’s events.
  • Recruitment of your company’s new employees.
  • Host leadership seminars and workshops.
  • Launch your new products and services.

4. Dacast

It is an expert live streaming service that allows the users to deliver authentic event experiences, no matter what your event scale is. Dacast comes with several engaging and compelling features that let the users deliver authentic content to their users. Let us take a glance at a few of those compelling and outstanding features.

  • Dacast is a highly secure and encrypted platform that enables users to conduct live streams without worrying about any online breach and threat.
  • This platform comes with an in-event analytics tracker that allows the organizers to track the real-time data and measure the success of their event.
  • It has a simple and uncomplicated interface that makes it easy for the attendees to access the live stream.
  • The platform comes with reliable and efficient event management with a 24/7 support system, making it a highly reliable solution for the users.

5. Vimeo Livestream

Another name on the list of the best live streaming platforms is Vimeo Livestream. This efficient solution comes with several compelling features that allow the users to deliver the best event experiences. Let us go through a few features that make it a seamless task for the organizers to conduct live streaming.

  • The platform is an end-to-end encrypted live streaming platform that makes it a trustworthy platform for conducting live streams.
  • The premium plan of this platform comes with tools like live analytics, privacy controls, reliable management, and other gripping features.
  • It comes with many audience engagement tools such as live polls, Q&A sessions, live comments, and other features that promote two-way communication between the audience and the host.

6. Brightcove

It is one of the oldest event platforms in the world of virtual events. Like other formats, the live stream is one of the most advanced formats this platform deals in. Brightcove comes with several engaging and compelling features that allow the organizers to conduct their live streams seamlessly. Let us dive straight into the features that come with this expert platform:

  • With its efficient video marketing along with the event analytics tools, the organizers get to understand the needs of their audience and host the stream efficiently.
  • The organizers get advanced and well-planned security tools with its custom-priced plan making the platform a highly secure and trustworthy solution to host live streaming events.
  • Not only this, as an organizer, you will also get the tools to monetize your live streaming event with Brightcove.

Since live streaming events are gaining popularity with each passing day, there are a plethora of services available that promise to deliver an engaging experience. However, you must know that when it comes to fulfilling the promise, not every option is as efficient. It is the reason getting your hands on the correct live streaming solutions becomes more crucial. The names given above are the best platforms to conduct live streaming. You can get your hands on any of these names and host unforgettable event experiences.

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