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Integral Blinds

The basics.

If you are thinking about shading and privacy options for your windows and doors, integrated blinds could be the solution that you’re looking for. Integrated blinds fit neatly inside the cavity of almost all glazing units. They were developed in the early 1990s by the Italian company Pellini, but there are many types and qualities of integrated blinds available nowadays. ScreenLine systems are the Pellini-designed original, and every Uniblinds unit is built using ScreenLine to guarantee lasting quality. Integrated blinds are sealed within their glazing unit which means they will never require cleaning or maintenance. On the external face of the glazing unit you will find the operating mechanism, which varies according to the different types of blind.

What types of blind can you choose from?

With the Uniblinds range you can choose between Venetian and pleated blinds, which both incorporate the ScreenLine systems. Venetian blinds are available to fit both standard sized double and triple glazing, and also slimmer sealed units with a 16mm cavity. Many older doors and windows have this cavity size, which makes it easy to upgrade existing older glazing units. Pleated blinds are also available in a blackout version which is ideal for rooms where you may sometimes want total darkness. Integrated blind units can be fitted with relative ease, even when retrofitting.

What about cleaning and maintenance?

One great thing about integrated blinds is that once sealed within a glazing unit, they cannot gather dust, become marked or attract dirt. So they are always in pristine condition. The operating mechanisms are manufactured from durable materials and are built to last. If for some reason maintenance is required, they can be replaced without affecting the blinds inside the glass. So, you will just need to keep the glass clean.

What kinds of doors and windows are suitable for integrated blinds?

Integral blinds can be used in doors and windows throughout your home. They work as well with old sash windows and casement windows as they do with the glazing units of more modern joinery. They are known for working particularly well in bi-fold and French doors. This is probably because integrated blinds are self-contained within each individual door leaf and therefore there is nothing to interfere with how they operate. Most regular sized windows and doors will accommodate integral blinds with ease. So, unless your home has especially large or small glazing, you should be able to fit Uniblinds throughout your home.

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