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Moulded Rubber

You will use some kind of rubber component every day of your current life and the world would be a less useful place without rubber. You find it in many different products and they come in the form of gaskets, hoses, o- rings and many more. In the engineering field, moulding is probably the most popular way to change the original rubber into many different parts. The rubber is then shaped so that custom products can be created.

If you are unfamiliar with the many different types of products that can be created from the moulding process then you should have a look on the Gulf Rubber website to get a very good idea of the many different things that are currently available and how they can change our lives for the better. Many people do not really think about the benefits of moulded rubber and so the following are just some of those.

It can be customised

Rubber can be made into many different shapes and sizes and this is what makes moulded rubber so popular within the manufacturing industry and the engineering industry with regard to the supply chain. Many rubber parts are available to us in this form so there really is no other better choice than this.

It is waterproof

Moulded rubber offers you properties of waterproofing and so you do not have to concern yourself about water damaging any part that is made of moulded rubber. Even when there is high exposure to heat and pressure during the whole moulding process, it still keeps its waterproof properties.

Excellent protection from cracking

There is no doubt that standard rubber products will crack at any time due to being exposed to things like sunlight and chemicals. Moulded rubber on the other hand is incredibly resistant to this due to the moulding process that is used to make the robber part in the first place. The process will actually improve upon the rubber’s physical properties to make an even stronger and better than before.

One of the main selling points is that moulded rubber keeps its shape and so this is why it is the first choice when it has to be used in high-pressure situations. When moulded rubber products are exposed to any such high pressure then they will expand and return to their original shape once the pressure has been removed.

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