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What Should You Consider Before Buying a Franchise

An explicit picture of the education franchise can be drawn with a detailed discussion of the subsets of best education franchises in India. There is an ample number of franchise opportunities when it comes to investment.  In this blog, you can read all about education franchises in India with their requirements, contact, budget, images and registration link.

List of Best Education Franchise in India

Now we would like to explain the list of best educational franchise opportunities in India along with their budget, gallery, contact, investment, space requirement, brand value and other important details.

1) Avera Academy

2) Focal Point Coaching

3) Carrer Power

4) Times Institute

5) Orataro Small School

6) Action Coach

7) Edify Schools

8) IBT Institute Pvt. Limited

9) Mahendra

10) Bragnam Learning

Let’s Explore Best Education Franchise Opportunities

1) Avera Academy

Avera Academy is an earnest identity in I.T. Education Franchise. They have the world’s leading technology companies as their partners. Avera offers certain certifications in technical collaboration with ACI Infocom Ltd. along with students’ system administration and security training. Their area of expertise also includes Networking.

Why choose Avera Academy?

1) They offer a wide range of trending courses like Basic electronics, Open office, Networking, and Hardware.

2) They have trained 60,000+ networking specialists.

3) Also offering short term job and career-oriented programs.

4) It requires a very medium initial investment with great returns.

Franchise Summary

Some important stats related to Avera Academy that will help you to make the final decision.

Full NameAvera Academy
Founded In2007
Franchise Started2009
Franchise Units100+
Initial Investment Required$13,000 – $25,000
Space Required1500 sq. ft.
Royalty Fee15%
Contact Number
Official WebsiteApply Now

2) Focal Point Coaching Powered by Brian Tracy

Focal Point, powered by Brian Tracy, is one of the world’s top-ranked coaching and training institutes. If you want to make your name in business they offer the best opportunity as their franchise model lets you enjoy all the benefits of state-of-the-art technology. Additionally, the privilege to put your own brand on your business.

Why choose Brian Tracy?

1) Focal Point assigns individual business coaches to each franchise.

2) In addition, they deliver verified and “Guaranteed” content, to franchise owners.

3) They conduct regular group coaching and have 1 on 1 engagement with their partners.

4) Arrange workshops and seminars on a regular basis.

Franchise Summary

Some important stats related to Focal Point Coaching that will help you to make the final decision.

Full NameFocal Point Coaching
Founded In1999
Franchise Started2005
Franchise Units20+
Initial Investment Required$15,000 – $30,000
Space Required1000 Sq Ft
Royalty FeeNot Disclosed
Official WebsiteApply Now

3) Carrer Power

Carrier power has a unique methodology of teaching. It is considered as best government exam coaching company operating in all India and headquartered in Gurgaon. Their regional branches are in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, and 71 advanced coaching franchise programs across India. The company will offer you all the necessary counseling and guidance to initiate their franchise in your city. They have designed a dedicated master trainer module explaining all the requirements and features of their education franchise in India.

Why choose Carrer Power?

1) Their government course material has been acknowledged as the best programs across India.

2) They have two flagship programs: Bank Coaching and SSC Coaching.

3) Carrer Power is expanding its horizon into Railway exams, defense courses, TETs, Insurance and various state level examinations.

Franchise Summary

Some important stats related to Carrer Power that will help you to make the final decision.

Full NameCarrer Power
Founded In2010
Franchise Started2013
Franchise Units80+
Initial Investment Required$5000 – $13000
Space Required1000 Sq Ft
Contact Number8750508840
Official WebsiteApply Now

4) Times Institute

Time Institute understands the importance of getting admission into an eminent institution. Hence, offered higher education training based on competitive exams (CAT/MAT/GATE/CLAT/IPM/ IIT-JEE/NEET). They have designed a variety of short-term and job oriented exams (Bank/SSC/Railways) preparation programs.

Why choose Time Institute?

1) The Franchisees will be the entrepreneurs running the coaching activity as their own venture.

2) The institute will provide guidance and recognition to boost up your business.

3) Times Institute franchise offers vast experience and widespread network.

Franchise Summary

Some important stats related to Times Institute will help you to make the final decision.

Full NameTimes Academy
Founded In1992
Franchise Units1997
Initial Investment Required$10,000 – $15,000
Space Required750 – 1000 Sq.ft
Royalty FeeNot Disclosed
Contact NumberContact Page
Official WebsiteApply Now

5) Orataro Small School

Orataro is a smart Web and Mobile platform fulfilling learning, management, and communication needs with advanced technological solutions. Its collaboration of School, Parents, and Teachers provide regular updates of homework, circulars, class activities, and academic statistics, and engage students in various discussions on social topics.

Why choose Orataro?

1) Their vision is to make education available for anyone anywhere.

2) Orataro ream works on innovative solutions to cope up with the problems being faced in the Education Industry.

3) Their franchise plans are based on franchise mater and unit franchise.

4) Anyone can apply for their education franchise in India.

Franchise Summary

Some important stats related to Orataro that will help you to make the final decision.

Full NameOrataro
Founded In2003
Franchise Started2017
Franchise Units18+
Initial Investment Required$3,000 – $7,000
Space RequiredNot Required
Royalty FeeNot Confirm
Contact Number9428296497
Official WebsiteApply Now

6) Action Coach

Action Coach is a figurehead and has established its name in the Business Coaching industry. They are serving more than 70 countries with 1,000+ coaches, Action Coach constantly working to make business coaching conventional learning. They have experience of 27 years. Action Coach collaborates with 18,000+ enterprises changing lives weekly, they tend to improve the economy and make a difference in communities by establishing their vision of “World Abundance through Business Re-education”.

Why choose Action Coach?

1) Action Coach offered in-depth pieces of training, training sessions, regular webinars, annual conferences, and other engagement activities.

2) They provide all required marketing assets, needed to get and keep clients, along with different tools and technology.

3) Being their partner you will get complete support from professionals who contribute with their experiences and expertise.

4) Partners will enjoy long-term profit and revenue from multiple streams.

Franchise Summary

Some important stats related to Action Coach that will help you to make the final decision.

Full NameAction Coach
Founded In1993
Franchise Started2011
Franchise Units500+
Initial Investment Required$15,000 – $45,000
Space Required1000 Sq Ft
Royalty Fee20%
Contact Number8884832828
Official WebsiteApply Now

Action Coach has been in the market for 25 years. Their approach has been evaluated and acknowledged in businesses for over two decades.

7) Edify Schools

Edify Schools are well known for their matchless pedagogy, a variety of sports facilities, and co-curricular activities. They work with an excellent infrastructure which includes commodious libraries and rooms, music rooms, Labs for Maths, English, and Science. The innovation of dynamic study material, services, and different resources along with proper research-based solutions, all these initiatives made them a globally acknowledged education solutions provider of diverse nature.

Why choose Edify Schools?

1) They use technology extensively to teach and develop interactive learning concepts.

2) They follow a unique researching approach to make the learning process effective.

3) Edify Schools give a comprehensive hands-on practice approach, starting from planning, executing, and ongoing maintenance operations.

Franchise Summary

Some important stats related to Edify Schools that will help you to make the final decision.

Full NameEdify Education
Founded In2003
Franchise Started2010
Franchise Units200+
Initial Investment Required$10,000 – $20,000
Space Required2000 – 10000 Sq Ft
Royalty FeeNot Disclosed
Contact Number4023792123, 24, 25
Official WebsiteApply Now

8) IBT Institute Private Limited

IBT Institute Private Limited is a top-notch, eminent institute that has a noticeable presence in India and serving different fields of competitive examinations of varying types- Banking P.O/Clerk, CAT, RBI, S.S.C, Railways, CMAT, Insurance, FCI, etc. It is an amazing education franchise opportunity in India.

Why choose IBT Institute?

1) They regularly update the study material and have insights into trending technologies.

2) IBT has redefined the standards of marketing and advertising at a national level.

3) They also provide marketing aid to its Business Partners according to their regional specifications.

4) 10 years of brand value gives an upper edge to their clients.

Franchise Summary

Some important stats related to IBT Institute Private Limited will help you to make the final decision.

Full NameIBT Institute Private Limited
Founded In2008
Franchise Started2009
Franchise Units100+
Initial Investment Required$3,000 – $7,000
Space Required1000 Sq Ft
Royalty Fee15%
Contact Number7814961955
Official WebsiteApply Now

9) Mahendra’s

Mahendra’s especially provides Bank, Railway, SSC, and other competitive examination coaching and believes in making candidates ready by combining the conventional techniques of teaching with the concept of digitalization.

Why choose Orataro?

1) Mahendra’s vision is to empower candidates to be potential for their selection in government sector.

2) Their franchise implement digital strategies to accelerate better education.

3) Course content is designed to deliver the best knowledge to all the candidates.

Dues to high brand prominence, Mahindra can be the best option for education franchise in India.

Franchise Summary

Some important stats related to Mahindra will help you to make the final decision.

Full NameMahendra’s
Founded In1994
Franchise Units165+
Initial Investment Required$20,000 – $25,000
Space Required2000 – 2500 Sq Ft
Royalty FeeNot Disclosed
Contact Number18001035225
Official WebsiteApply Now

10) Bragnam Learning

Bragnam Learning was founded in 2013 with the purpose to extensively contribute to the Learning and Skill development areas. So that learner’s abilities could be enhanced and provide them basic skills, foundational knowledge to enable their progress and skill them to meet the demands of an ever-changing environment and prepare them to create success for themselves in every opportunity.

Why choose Bragnam Learning?

1) If you have a strong intuition to influence other’s lives, if you want to encourage learners, or if you are willing to work with children. You can join their well organized and unique franchise system.

2) They have introduced technical play way methods of learning. and use innovative techniques.

3) There fixed royalty fee of 1500 INR per kid per year as a service charge. No other hidden charges.

4) Dedicated teams for all different streams.

Franchise Summary

Some important stats related to Bragnam Learning will help you to make the final decision.

Full NameBragnam Learning
Founded In2013
Franchise Started2013
Franchise Units40+
Initial Investment Required$4,000 – $5,500
Space Required1500 – 2000 Sq Ft
Royalty Fee1,500 Per Kid
Contact Number9256927554
Official WebsiteApply Now

What is a Franchise?

The most probable occupation that can considerably make a big shot is ‘business‘. The franchisor allows a franchisee to use their business name or trademark for business purposes in exchange for a royalty fee.  Its development and benefits are proportional to the investment you will make. Leadership skills play a vital role in business. Business is not only about investing money or implementing strategies. It is a process of leading a vision by implementing the right and beneficial methods to achieve the targeted goals every day. Now the question that arises is “How to choose an education franchise in India?”. We will be discussing the ten best educational franchise opportunities that are worth investing in.

Why Choose Education Franchise Out of All?

There is an ample number of options for business franchises. However, education is a stable need for every nation. Education describes the true progress that can lead towards a better tomorrow with a consistent improvement in lives. An explicit picture of the education franchise can be drawn with a detailed discussion of the subsets of education franchise in India.

It has been noticed from the last two decades that the franchise industry has been ruled by IT and digital education. There are many training institutes established in past times that made fortunes for owners and made them everything from nothing. It is well said that knowledge has no boundaries. So we will discuss the infinite number of fields including online education, language schools, IT programs, competitive exam coaching, cosmetic courses, and many more.

No Seasonal Boundation: Being a consistent need, education mitigates the limitation of other franchise businesses that have seasonal success.

Wide Range of Opportunities: Education Franchise Opportunities includes school, competitive exam centers, training centers and much more.

Low Initial Investment: Education Franchise requires a low initial investment in terms of space, resources and money.

Long Term Business: Educational Franchise will continue to grow with time. If you are planning to go for a long run then choose wisely.

ERP Support Systems: Ready to use ERP systems, for the education industry, are available to assist franchise owners at very affordable prices.

Quick Recovery: Education franchise not only brings you quick returns but also leads you to a better business position in no time.

Types of Education Franchise in India

One must know the possibilities of education sectors that are open for investment. Here are the types of education franchises in India:

1) Education Training Franchise

This includes all kinds of education and training programs like a pre-school franchise, child care, animation school, learning center, grooming center, IT Institutes, retail schools, recruitment services, coaching classes, educational institutes, aviation academies, language center and customer services.

2) Online Education Franchise

Online education is having a boom these days and is one of the best education franchises in India. There are numerous online learning programs initialized like Brainy Woods, My Institute, Genius Minds Software Pvt. Ltd. are Online Learning/E-learning franchises established in India.

3) Higher Education Franchise

It includes academies or institutes providing training programs for higher education students. These types of franchises required a higher budget and big infrastructure as compared to other educational franchise opportunities. One such example is Ramagya group of schools.

4) Coaching/Tutoring

Several organizations are pioneering the coaching institute for various government exams, professional training, academic tutoring and IELTS centers. These types of educational franchises get you to quick and easy returns. Example: SIEC Education Franchise.

5) Govt. Approved Franchise

These are the franchises approved by the Indian government. The institution provides courses or certifications that can get you in the government sector. BPPS (Bhartiya Prodyogiki Prashikshan Sansthan), is a well-known name for a government-approved education franchise in India.

6) Other Education Franchise

Other education franchise include beauty, salon, cosmetology courses, mobile development courses and stitching centers. These are small niche-based educational franchises with small investments and big ROI. Everything depends on the number of students for return.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1) What are the best education franchise opportunities in India?

Ans) The best education franchise can be decided as per your requirement, capital, and particular educational region you want to invest in. However, some of the best education franchise opportunities have been discussed above.

Q2) Who can go for an education franchise in India?

Ans) There are certain parameters to evaluate yourself for an education franchise. As you will check the investment required if you can meet the space required to establish the franchise. Besides, there are some organizations that follow certain guidelines for academic qualification. However, there are some, that don’t require that high academic qualification.

Q3) How to find the best education franchise opportunity in India?

Ans) Follow these steps to find the best opportunity:

1) Firstly, you need to research potential franchise opportunities.

2) Analyze the franchise requirements and qualification criteria.

3) Evaluate personal skills interests and professional experience.

4) Make a list of preferable franchise opportunities out of choosen once.

5) Finally, pick out the one that can eventually meet your requirements and can stand out from other franchise options giving you expected profit.

Q4) How this page will help you to choose education franchise in India?

Ans) We have sorted the best education franchise opportunities from the north, south, east and west parts of India. Not only this, but we have also shared important stats of business franchises which will help you to make your final decision.

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