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The Alchemist Book

The Alchemist Book is the most famous fictional book of author Paulo Coelho. It is a story based on inspirational philosophy. This piece of art has become very popular among readers because of the motivation derived from the story to follow our dreams and to pursue our personal legend. The book was published in 1988 and has sold more than 20 million copies and published in more than 60 languages that made it the most translated book in the world. It was originally written in the Portuguese language. The novel has 3 different versions, the first is the original one that does not have any pictures, the second one has some pictures and the third one is the graphic novel.

The Alchemist Book Summary

The story centers around a young shepherd of Spain named Santiago, who somehow becomes discontent with just taking care of sheep. He begins to have a reoccurring dream while sleeping under a tree of Platanus occidentalis that blooms out of the remains of a church. He dreams of a kid telling him to seek the treasure at the edge of the pyramid. The utmost idea on which the book is based is ‘pursuing your personal legend.’  The book follows the journey of young Santiago as he meets a gypsy woman, king of Salem, an Englishman, alchemist, and the love of his life in pursuit of his personal legend. The story starts in Spain and ends in Spain.

The main theme of the book is of course alchemy which refers to the act of transforming any base material into gold. It’s a small but significantly engrossing story traversing on 163 pages. While reading through the book you will realize that every page is full of wisdom, the wisdom of life. However, the main plot of the story is all about the different experiences that Santiago lived throughout his journey to chase his dream and the interesting part is what happened when he went to Egypt to get the treasure and when he met an alchemist and eventually became one. If you don’t like to read the book, here is the full audiobook of The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.

What things made the book the most interesting?

Upon reading the book in open time you will discover words of wisdom, innovation, determination, and inspiration. You can buy the Alchemist book via Amazon, Flipkart or kindler.

The Alchemist Storytelling

The story is great and the twist in it made it more interesting. The way the author begins with a dream and the desire along with strong intuition that brings Santiago to the pyramids of Egypt has engaged readers so well that they feel connected and imagined the story the way that if it’s happening in front of them. The storytelling style of this book is very considerable. As it has something for everyone. Any person either a young teenager, adult, or person in old age can relate themselves to the story in one or another way.

The Alchemist Book Characters

The main character of the story is Santiago. Majorly, he is the one whose opinions and perspectives that we are reading in this book. As he started his journey to find the treasure buried in the sand of Egypt beside pyramids. Every person he met during the journey encouraged him to move along his dream and pursue his personal legend. Other characters are the fortune teller, king of Salem, an Englishman, who is a well-educated science student, crystal merchant, who owns a crystal shop, Fatima, beautiful desert woman, love of  Santiago, who allows Santiago to travel in pursuit of his personal legend and an alchemist, who is 200 years old, residing in Al-Fayoum Oasis.  All the characters have their own importance and perfectly fit in the story.

Paulo Coelho Writing Style For The Alchemist

The composition of this book is definitely interesting. The author makes attempts to add some type of wisdom and insights on every single page. There will be moments on every page like ‘wow! I can relate this, this is so deep.’ The author ensured he includes anything that can help or hinder you to pursue your dream.


This book is written in simple plain lucid language that anyone can comprehend and easily relate to the story. It will have its impact on everyone, either a kid from school or a college student. The selection of words is very beautiful and wise. The author has included some types of metaphors and symbols to make the writing more beautiful and interesting. The author has included different philosophies and languages along with a proper explanation of its background. So there is nothing in its composition that can drive you apart from the story.

Quotes and Phrases

The quotes of this book will have a mesmerizing impact on the reader. The quotes are deep in meaning and so real to be believed. It will lead you on a journey to discover your own self and to understand different elements of this universe, relationships, and dreams. There are so many quotes that will pause you for a moment and make you think about your life and motivate you to follow your dream. The most famous quotes of the Alchemist are:

“And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”

“What is the world’s greatest lie?” the little boy asks. The old man replies, “It’s this: that at a certain point in our lives, we lose control of what’s happening to us, and our lives become controlled by fate.

“It’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting.”

These are some of the famous quotes from the Alchemist that makes us realize that everything that happens in our life cannot be considered as coincidence, everything has a meaning and purpose in our lives. These quotes make it more interesting and worth trying for. Who knows which possibility it can come true?

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Why should I read The Alchemist book?

So disclosure of the story will spoil the interest and magic it has. This book helps many people to find their dream, their personal legend. Many times when we feel like ‘I am stuck in the situation and cannot move from here,’ that’s the time this book can give you a push. Paulo Coelho picked different elements of space that are described as a motivational force of the universe that will help you to achieve your dream. You might also be interested in Financial Education.

As if you don’t like to read so much then you can try this book as it’s a small fictional story but it has so much to with life. The author adds the phrases like reading omens that God left us for us. He emphasized the fact that you cannot run from your inner voice and one day you will have to listen to the intuition of your heart. If anything keeps knocking on your heart then it’s worth taking a risk. This book makes us believe in our dreams that anything is possible, you just need to get up and move towards the right direction of life.

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