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If you have lost your loved one tragically, either due to negligence or malicious intent, you might qualify for compensation and legal representation. A wrongful death attorney can help make the parties responsible pay for the results, including reparations and forms of care. Being upfront with your wrongful death lawyer can make it easier for them to reach a positive settlement on your behalf.

Why a Strong Relationship with Your Lawyer Matters

Having a good relationship with your wrongful death attorney can help you understand the possible outcome of your case. Clear communication and honesty with your attorney can aid your case since the attorney will know where to commence. Remember, the discussion between you and the attorney will remain discreet.

What Information Should You Disclose to Your Lawyer?

How You Think the Third Party Caused the Death of Your Loved One

Although your wrongful death attorney will conduct investigations to establish the cause of your loved one’s death, giving any information you might have could help. If you have details of how the defendant’s negligent, intentional, or reckless behaviors could have led to the death of your loved one, let the attorney know.

What Led to the Death of Your Loved One

Let the attorney know what you know about the cause of your loved one’s death. Also, let the attorney know if you feel the death could have been prevented but the defendant failed to do so. 

The following are examples of causes of wrongful death:

  • Murder: This is a planned physical attack that results in death. 
  • Medical malpractice: This refers to death that occurs due to the negligence of medical professionals.
  • Manslaughter: This refers to a sudden or accidental action or to negligence that results in death.

Other negligent actions include workplace accidents and defective products.

Damages You Incurred Due to the Loss of Your Loved One

Losing a spouse or a parent due to someone else’s negligence can have serious financial repercussions. The repercussions could be dire if the deceased had been the family’s breadwinner. Burial and funeral expenses could also have strained your income.

In some instances, your deceased loved one could have undergone extensive treatment before they succumbed to injuries. The hospital visits and appointments may have caused you or your family members to miss work. 

Economic damages may include medical bills, lost wages, and benefits, lost potential income, and funeral expenses.

Also inform the attorney about non-economic damages. These include loss of companionship, future inheritance, and guidance in the case of a child who lost a parent.

Your Wrongful Death Attorney Cares

wrongful death attorney understands that money can never bring your loved one back to life. The attorney does believe that you shouldn’t suffer devastating emotional and financial implications after the death of someone you love. 

The attorney will guide you through the process of economic recovery. If you suspect or know your loved one died due to someone else’s recklessness, you can engage a wrongful death lawyer. You will discuss the circumstances surrounding your loved one’s death to know whether you qualify for compensation under wrongful death.


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