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Sometimes new countertops are what a bathroom or kitchen requires to create a clean, bright look. These popular renovations offer a great return on investment. Countertop installation requires essential tools to get the job done right. Let’s discuss the tools you’ll need for your countertop installation.

Tape Measure

You should know the size of your countertop project for stone fabricators to provide you with accurate quotes. A tape measure is used to measure your kitchen or bathroom countertops. Measure the countertops twice to confirm that you have accurate results. 

You will need paper, a pen, and a calculator to calculate and write down the results. Having accurate measurements during the estimation process will help you avoid surprises when finalizing your project. 

Keep in mind that these instructions are for estimation purposes. There is additional measuring work involved during the cutting and installation process. You can check sample work done at the home of most ratchet asian girl.


Kitchen counters are made of materials cut to fit the layout of your kitchen appliances and cabinet framework. Countertops rest on top of your cabinets, so you should level them before installation. Failure to level your counters properly will make the flaws visible. 

Use a level to confirm if each cabinet frame is positioned correctly. Check both sides to side and front to back. Repeat the same process on every cabinet to check if the tops are even for the countertops to have a stable foundation to rest on.


When tackling a bathroom or kitchen remodel, chances are you have to create some curves. A jigsaw helps to create curved lines regardless of the countertop material you choose. 

Choose a heavy-duty professional jigsaw with advanced features like blade-steadying guides, multiple speed options, and orbital blade action. The jigsaw package will have specifications on the material the blade is meant to cut. 


Sandpaper helps to prepare a countertop for a new laminate surface. Coarse-grit sandpaper will rough up the underlay of old laminate to create a new surface. 

Use fine-grit sandpaper and an orbital sander to smoothen the countertop edges. You’ll create a new laminate surface that fits nicely under sinks, tap hardware, and at the edges. 

Caulking Gun

Caulking the kitchen counter can be messy if you use the wrong techniques. Most products are available in tubes, and you need a standard caulking gun to fit in the product. The gun has a trigger and a plunger that releases the product from the tip. 

Tip size determines the amount of product dispensed which is key to getting great results. If the tip is too large, it will release excess caulk, which will ruin the bead between the sink or wall and the countertop. A tip that is too small will not fill the gaps well.

Find the Best Countertop Installation Company

Choosing the right pattern and stone often requires the expertise of a countertop installation company. The right company should have many years of experience to complete the project quickly and efficiently. A company with a wide selection of stones will easily identify suitable materials and tools to accommodate every project. 


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