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Many homeowners need help determining when to replace their windows. Apart from the obvious signs, such as the window looking outdated, or damaged, sometimes the signs are not noticeable. Window replacement Columbus Ohio experts can help you know when to replace your windows. Here are things to watch out for if you suspect your windows need replacement. 

Excessive Condensation

If you notice ‘sweat’ on the windows, especially on cold days, that is a sign that your windows’ glazing is slowly becoming ineffective. Moisture can easily get between the glass pane if the seals fail, forming condensation. 

Exterior condensation happens during warmer months, and interior condensation occurs during winter. Interior condensation is commonly caused by excess moisture inside the home and extreme cold from the outside. To prevent or reduce this problem, invest in energy-efficient windows.


Old windows may become drafty over the years, allowing air from inside the house to escape (or outside winds to leak in). Sometimes it can be hard to detect drafts. You may not feel a draft, but some areas in your home may feel cooler, especially in your garage.

If you feel the air from outside getting inside the home when standing close to the window and you don’t have a vent nearby, it’s time to replace the window. Drafty, old windows mean higher energy usage to keep the inside temperature regulated, increasing heating and cooling costs. Upgrade your drafty windows to keep the temperature comfortable without overworking your HVAC, and enjoy energy savings. 

Your Window Is Visibly Damaged

When your window is visibly damaged, there is a high chance of breaking completely. A damaged window leaves your home susceptible to serious damage like mold and mildew, water seepage, and pests. 

Intruders also have an easier time accessing your home. Replacing a damaged window as soon as possible will prevent costly repairs and keep you safe. 

Operational Issues

As windows age, they develop issues that cause sticking and jamming. The formation of mold, rotting, or rust can also lead to a faulty window operation. All these signs show that your existing windows have almost reached the end of their service life. 

Your window may fail to close or open as it should, which could indicate a larger problem. Sometimes this may be another result of a small problem such as tightening screws. Other times it could indicate a broken window pane that needs replacement.

The Furniture and Carpet Near the Window Appear Faded

When you notice that the rugs, cabinets, décor, or furniture exposed to sunlight coming through the window have faded, the windows most likely lack UV protection. Consider replacing them with modern windows with low-E (low emissivity) glass. 

The glass has a microscopic film that keeps solar heat and UV rays from passing through. The low-E glass prevents your curtain, carpet, and furniture from fading and keeps your house cooler.

Find a Reliable Company for Window Replacement Columbus Ohio

Broken or aged windows can make a beautiful business or home look unpleasant. Look for a company that offers window replacement Columbus Ohio to fix the problem. The best company will offer window replacement for fiberglass, aluminum, wood, and vinyl frames. 

They should also offer energy-efficient window replacements to help reduce energy costs. New windows will increase your home’s curb appeal and value, and the right company will help you achieve that.


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