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Celebrities who wore UGG boots on carpet

UGG boots have conflicting perspectives for years. To some people, these look ugly and to some, these are stylish and cute. But the fact that cannot be denied is, these are made of the finest sheepskin that gives utmost comfort and warmth in the chilly winters. Even if UGGs have such conflicting views, they are going to stay and their virtues overcome the negative perspectives. It is paramount for casual looks with both style and comfort. Its A-grade sheepskin is still the softest of its kind with superior breathability and temperature control properties. These can be paired with leggings, long coats, or jackets for effortless cozy, and casual days. Most of the time, the fashion industry is inspired by celebrities and ideals who styled something trendy and it keeps on going like that. UGGs also got some special place in most of the celebrities’ hearts even some of them wore UGGs on the red carpet. Let’s see who are these fashion icons.

Celebrities That Wore UGG Boots on Red Carpet

On November 10, 2017, a video went viral of musical artist Cardi B. In which she announced to her Instagram followers that it was “officially UGG season”. It is fascinating to know what goes on behind the scenes of our favorite celebrity’s life. Women UGG Boots have also caught wide attention when worn by famous celebrities. From weekend brunch or night out to the red carpet tons of celebrities styled UGG in their most iconic way.

Selena Gomez has seen in the casual approach of styling UGG boots with cozy winter wear Recently on 19 Jan 2021, she was seen in Manhattan’s Upper West Side in her fur coat with uggs.

Pharrell Williams an American singer-songwriter has been talked about because of his styling approach with UGGs. In 2014, he wore UGG shoes on the Red carpet for an Award show.

Pharrell Williams

In 2004, Ashley Tisdale, an American actress was also seen in her blue UGG styled with a blue top and short skirt in an Award show, and other than that she can be seen styling with Uggs casually.

On 21 Jan 2021, Addison Rae, an American singer, rocked her casual outfit with a red pair of fluffy women UGG slippers to Pilates In Los Angeles.

Tiffany Sara Cornelia Haddish is an American actress, comedian, and author who has been seen in UGGs to the Oscars and while rehearsing for her movie a comfy black UGG.

Rachel Brosnahan is known for her fabulous work in the comedy series, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel as an aspiring stand-up comedian Miriam. We have seen this Miriam in heels all the time even on vacation. She has also been caught on camera with a short chestnut pair of UGGs.

Rachel Brosnahan

Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio is an American actor, activist, and environmentalist, film producer, who has a diverse career. In 2013, his picture captured in purple velour sweatsuits with brown UGG got viral.

Priyanka Chopra Jonas is an Indian actress, film producer, and singer. She has been seen in UGGs several times. Also while filming the Quantico series she wore classic brown UGG.

Priyanka Chopra Jonas

Emily Irene VanCamp is a Canadian actress known for her incredible work in various television series and Marvel movies. She wore black UGG during the television series, Revenge.

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