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Haunting and Unforgettable Facts about Birthstones

Thing are stored in your memory for retrieval that once you like or dislike in your life. Pleasant facts of life give you pleasure when they are invoked on the matching events but recall of despairing events always increase distraction in life. So, wise individuals always try to make life events memorable with their positive act. For example if a husband manages diamond jewelry for his wife on every anniversary, his life will be a place of paradise. Birthstones Jewelry is getting its importance in the current era for various events of life. We will discuss some haunting and unforgettable facts about birthstones

Besides the explained reality, events birthstones jewelry is in array of precedence because of the potential traits and energy of the stones. These features and birthstones potential energies are fact based and are linked with the various birthstones having associating with the months with the defined classification of birthstones.

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In the modern and fashion oriented approach, one always try to beautify one’s personality with birthstones. These individuals don’t believe on the mystical attributes of the gemstones but use them with the matching dresses for various events.

Selected Birthstones with Potential Features

In this article, the under consideration birthstones belong to the Aries and Libra horoscopes. Aries spans on months of March and April whereas Libra is associated with the months of September and October. There are no restrictions for individuals owing the other horoscopes for owning the stones belonging to these months. But the legends are only for the individuals that are Aries and Librans.

March Aries Birthstones

The range of dates in the month of March is from 21 March to 31 March. There are two Aries birthstones assigned to these dates. First birthstone is traditional with name Bloodstone. Second stone is modern one with the name aquamarine.

Features of Aquamarine

We get the word aquamarine with the combination of two words “aqua” means water and “marina” means sea. The color tone of the gemstone is very light that varies from greenish blue to blue-green. You can see extreme color hues in larger gemstone. More specifically darker blue stones are highly prized. The mines for aquamarine are in Pakistan, Zambia and Nigeria.

Naturally beryl is composition ingredient of the stone. The stone is in hexagonal crystal and a large stone up to 240 also exist in the world. It is cut and polished for its use in jewelry.

  • Aquamarine is prized and protective talisman for the sailors. According to sailor, with aquamarine, they have granted safe sea journey.
  • This gemstones balances the body emotions by removing the toxics effects from body

Characteristics of Bloodstone

This gemstone exits in dark green color tones with strips of iron oxide. The main places where this stone exists are rocks or riverbeds. You can have the gemstones heliotrope and plasma. These are the highest level transparent and opaque stones respectively.

  • You can see the stone in deep green color owning the red lines on its surface that enhance its outlook.
  • For increased beauty of the birthstones gemologists recommend different shapes and cuts for raw blood stone.

April Aries Birthstone

April owns a sole Aries Birthstone that is diamonds. Whenever, you share the attributes of diamond, never set aside the Aries Birthstone Color as it is basic entity for its elegant look. Before selection of the diamond, let us discuss some of the admitted features of diamond:

  • If you want to cut other stones and glass material entities, diamond is the best option for you. Further, it can also assist you for polishing the materials.
  • In medical industry glaring birthstone is the best solution for the diagnostic department.
  • Its sheen enhances the beauty of jewelry. That is why individuals award it high precedence for event jewelry.
  • If you are with heavy pocket, search for mineral and colorless diamond with an ideal cut having weight and size 1 carat and 625 mm respectively.
  • In future era, it will be used in electronics.

September Libra Birthstone

Before going into the depth of traits of Libra Birthstone, give a place in your mind to a fact about the Libra Birthstone Color that is characteristic people often prefer for the adornment. September Libra Birthstone is Sapphire. Its main admirable feature are explained here

  • Sapphire exists nearly in all colors but the most admired and the main color is blue.
    This gemstone belongs to the Ruby family with built in material of chromium.
  • It is the second hardest stone in the world with score of 9 at Moh Scale of hardness.
  • The gemstones own potential mystical attributes. For instance it keeps away the evils from the owners.
  • British Royal family has preferred Sapphire for the engagement ring of Lady Diana that is gifted to her by the Price Charles.

October Libra Birthstone

Opal is October Libra Birthstone. It is one of the most valued gemstone that exists in the nature in rainbow colors. This stones owns colors of every birthstone. Here are the some praised realities of the stone:

  • According to the Romans Opal is the queen of the gemstones that has deep concerns with hope, truth and nobility of life.
  • Opal has healing attributes so it is one of the chosen remedies for eye diseases. It not only cures the eye diseases but also gives strength and power to the eyes.
  • In past it was used to differentiate between the foe and friend.
  • This stones reflects the legends of justice in the wearers.

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