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Custom YouTube Widget

Share content that your audience would love to see,’ and YouTube content is the way forward.

Sharing YouTube videos on your website is a great way to get the attention of your audience. It also helps engage them with your content and recall your brand. Why? Because video content is more impactful than the other forms of content and leaves a long-lasting impression in the viewers’ minds.

People love visuals over text. So you can use YouTube Widgets and add the videos on your website pages to engage your visitors. YouTube Widgets also give you a lot of features, and by using these features, you can improve the quality and presentation of your content.

Let us get into the details to know more about the use of YouTube Widgets.

What is a YouTube Widget?

YouTube Widget displays YouTube videos on the website, which allows you to watch the YouTube content without moving to the platform.

The tools or plugins used to add the YouTube content to the website are also called YouTube Widget. You can customize the content feed with YouTube Widget.

Some of the main customization features are: adding themes, background, CTA’s, highlights, editing the content of the feed, filtering the feed content, etc. You can use the auto-update feature to keep the content feed updated with fresh content. Some tools also allow you to add your custom CSS for the widget.

Why Embed Custom YouTube Widget to Website?

There are many benefits of embedding a custom YouTube widget into your website. Some of the amazing benefits which will make you want to embed YouTube widget are:

1. Direct Website Traffic to YouTube

With YouTube videos embedded on your website, you can direct your website visitors to your YouTube channel. It helps your audience know that you are creating content on other platforms as well. It will help increase views and engagement on your YouTube videos and also increase your YouTube subscribers.

2. Keep Your Website Viewers Engaged

Adding a YouTube widget to your website helps increase dwell time because people like engaging more with visuals instead of plain text. The visitors will spend more time watching your video content added through the YouTube widget.

3. Enhance Website Appearance

YouTube widget enhances the overall presentation of your website. It adds color and vibrancy to the website and gives a different variety of content. You don’t have to make extra efforts to make your website design engaging and visually appealing.

4. Give Fresh and Unique Content to Your Website Visitors

Creating new content every day is a very time-consuming task, and you can re-use your YouTube content by adding it to your website. It will save your time and money in content creation. Customizations and filters of the YouTube Widgets also help keep your website content fresh, updated, and relevant. You can also give a good experience to your website visitors.

5. Build Brand Authority and Trust

Integrating custom YouTube widgets allows you to share user-generated content (videos) with your viewers. It builds brand authority and trust in front of your users.

Tools to Embed YouTube Widget to Your Website

There is a big pool of social media aggregator tools/plugins available in the market that you can use to embed the YouTube widget, but picking the right one can be very confusing. So here, we have shared some of the best YouTube Widgets you can use.

1. Taggbox – YouTube Widget

Taggbox is a UGC platform popular for collecting and using user-generated content in multiple ways and for marketing purposes. It offers diverse products, and one of them is Widgets. You can use Tggbox Widget to add your YouTube videos to your website. You will get a lot of customization options inside the tool.


It is a very easy-to-use tool to embed your YouTube videos on your webpage. It also allows some custom media integration.

3. Juicer

Juicer is a tool that will help you collect and display all your social media content and hashtags’ posts in one single feed. You can use the YouTube widget by Juicer to show your brand’s YouTube videos on your website.

4. Tagembed

Tagembed is a social media aggregation platform where you can use the YouTube widget to embed YouTube videos on your website. It focuses on increasing traffic, engagement, and conversions for your business.

5. Embed Social 

It is another UGC-based platform that helps you in embedding your YouTube content on the website. It is a complete toolset that allows you to collect and create more forms of content.


You can get social media aggregator tools for YouTube widgets. But make sure you pick a tool that helps you customize the YouTube widget. Because you should refine your content to the best quality before presenting it to your audience. Customizing the YouTube widget feed will bring better results for your marketing strategy.

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