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Phone Number Verification

Emails are one of the most reliable, swift, and cheaply accessible means of communication. You can attach documents, videos, photos, etc., to share critical data and effectively communicate with others. However, most popular email services such as Gmail, Yahoo mail, Microsoft Outlook require phone number verification for two-factor authentication.

They have mandated SMS-based OTP verification for creating a new email id. You can use a fake name, dob, and other essentials except for your phone number. This is a fantastic read on 8 Best Secure Email Services For Complete Privacy.

Why is 2FA unsafe?

The problem often associated with this method is that it lets these email providers keep an eye on your email activities and report it back to the big corporations, advertising agencies, or government. The 2FA used by these email providers is easily hackable by compromising the user’s mobile number and assigning it temporarily to a phone under their control.

The biggest weakness of 2FA relies on the SMS-based one-time passcodes depending on SS7 protocols, which were initially intended for tracking and connecting calls. A hacker only needs the consumer representative of your phone number service provider to side with him temporarily to get access to your email and disrupt your life in an instant.

Is it possible to create an email without a phone number?

The answer is yes, but away from the most common email service providers. Email providers do not require phone number verification for creating an emailanduse an end-to-end decrypted data mechanism. These companies value your privacy and offer hassle-free email id creation.

Listed below are a few companies which provide email id creation without Phone number verification:

Creating an email on this website is as easy as it gets. You have to put in your name, desired email address, password, and security question, and you are good to go. Moreover, you can choose from over 200 unique domains to create your email on. They even offer free online Office Suite and free mobile apps for both iOS and Android.

Their servers are secure, fast, and hassle-free. However, they do have a limit of attaching a maximum of 30 MB of content to your mail and showcasing ads in the free version, which might be disappointing for some users. Still, their overall benefits outweigh this minimal shortcoming.


Founded in Switzerland in 2013, uses a client-side encryption system. This means even if someone can intercept your message on their server, they still won’t be able to read its contents. Their servers are located in Switzerland, away from US and European jurisdictions.

However, on their free version, they only offer 150 messages per day and a storage of 500 MB. If that does not cater to your needs, you can always upgrade to their professional version showing unlimited daily messages. is best suitable for those who value privacy as their top priority.

Tutanota focuses heavily on the privacy aspect of the email. It uses end-to-end encryption, thereby adding another layer of security. Tutanota displays no advertisements and relies solely on donations and support funds from its users.

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With anonymous sign-up, you only get 1 GB of data storage space for free. It might discourage some people from adopting it as their primary email service. However, their premium service is quite affordable at just 1 euro per month.


GMX Mail offers a free advertisement-supported email service. One of its enticing features is that it supports unlimited storage space for free and lets you attach files up to 150 MB to your messages.

Even though you are not asked to submit your phone number while signing up, you must enter an alternative email address for recovery purposes; this alone makes it less desirable than the other email service providers.


Guerilla Mail offers unique disposable one-time use emails, unlike other email service providers. You can create your temporary email address on their site without phone verification and remove it after it serves your purpose.

Emails you make on this platform will last for only one hour, and anyone with your email id can access your inbox. It is a massive drawback in terms of privacy and security.


 Yandex is a Russian email service provider that allows you to sign up without your phone number. You have to select,’ I don’t have a telephone number’ while signing up for their services and enjoy having a personalized inbox from thereon.

It offers built-in anti-virus to protect you from malware and spam attacks. 10 GB of cloud storage space is also available with it. However, it might ask for a phone number if your email records suspicious activity.


Mailinator is different from other email service providers as it lets you create a public email address or use one already created by others. It is not suitable for receiving emails because anyone can access your information. It is preferable when you need an email just for the sake of downloading something or signing up for a service.

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